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This extension allows you to make some fast cash working as independent contractor for big mining corporations. You can find new mission type in Interfaces (F4) screen of Rock Hermits. Have your mining laser and fuel scoop ready.

Check here for more details.


  • Oolite v1.82 or later (haven't checked on anything older)
  • Icesteroids if you want to mine them for alloys
  • Start Choices if you want to begin game on Mining Transporter.
  • Asteroid Tweaks if you want asteroids respawing without saving/loading

Mining Beacon Descrambler

According to federal regulations, Rock Hermits are not transmitting publicly accessible beacons and thus are invisible on Advanced Space Compass - this is very understandable, if you take in consideration how many attention they attract from not very law-abiding commanders. However, miners need navigation too, so Interstellar Council of Mining Associations have invented compromise solution - lawful Rock Hermits are transmitting special scrambled beacon that can not be detected without dedicated equipment. Of course, this alone would not achieve anything because every navigation device eventually finds its way into welcoming criminal hands. That's why scrambling algorithm have been made cryptographically secure and requiring valid keys to operate. Interstellar Council of Mining Associations have established galaxy-wide key-changing scheme that is accessible only by active miners. With every ton of cargo miner is dispatching on contract terms local mining association renews his keys for 15 minutes. So, dispatching fully loaded Mining Transporter gives 3 hours of ability to locate Rock Hermits. Take note, while descrambling keys are universal and can survive witchjumps, time that is skipped while jumping is lost.

  • Press 'b' to check keys expiration status.
  • Press 'n' to scan system and add discovered hermits to Advanced Space Compass.


MiningContracts_1.12.oxz (downloaded 2349 times).

MiningContracts_1.11.oxz (downloaded 176 times).

MiningContracts_1.10.oxz (downloaded 145 times).

MiningContracts_1.9.oxz (downloaded 115 times).

MiningContracts_1.8.oxz (downloaded 102 times).

MiningContracts_1.7.oxz (downloaded 108 times).

MiningContracts_1.6.oxz (downloaded 168 times).

MiningContracts_1.5.oxz (downloaded 104 times).

MiningContracts_1.4.oxz (downloaded 145 times).

MiningContracts_1.3.oxz (downloaded 122 times).

MiningContracts_1.2.oxz (downloaded 112 times).

MiningContracts_1.1.oxz (downloaded 93 times).


2015.11.11. v1.12  Made average contract difficulty dependent on system government type, also chaotic rock hermits are giving contracts too now
2015.11.03. v1.11  Bugfix release - docking with rock hermits after witchjump do not invalidates descrambilng keys anymore
2015.10.30. v1.10  Obscure race condition bug in waiting for new contract squashed, also balance adjustments
2015.10.28. v1.9   Shrinked contract details screen for smaller resolutions and some balance adjustments
2015.10.27. v1.8   Mining Beacon Descrambler addon to ASC is now purchasable at all Rock Hermits for clean commanders
2015.10.26. v1.7   Signing mining contract now adds Rock Hermit to your Advanced Space Compass, also some balance adjustments
2015.10.19. v1.6   Waiting at the station for new contracts is not free now
2015.10.19. v1.5   Various improvements in interface, added possibility of waiting at the station for new contract, slightly adjusted balance
2015.10.14. v1.4   Iceteroids are not required now (thanks to Diziet Sma) and contracts for alloys made less frequent
2015.10.12. v1.3   Added compatibility with Asteroid Tweaks by spara
2015.10.11. v1.2   Added tracking of cargo amounts required to complete signed contracts to the Missions screen (F5F5)
2015.10.10. v1.1   Fixed saving/loading (thanks to Norby)
2015.10.06. v1.0   First version as a result of discussion in this topic.

Quick Facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.12 2015.11.11 Ms-PL Mining with deadline Activities OXPs Diagoras BB-Link
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