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  • When starting a new game, this oxp gives you some start-up choices of various difficulty. Choices make the start of the game easier or harder.
  • Adder is given a change to buy a 3 tn cargo expansion. This allows it to be fitted with a passenger berth and a career of Passenger Service.

The Choices

  • Classic

The basic start. Start the game the way it has been started from the year 1984 with a Cobra Mk III, tank full of fuel, pulse laser, 3 missile and 100 credits.

  • Fast-track

Easy start for the impatient. Skip the slow start and jump right into the action with a Cobra Mk III, fuel scoops, witchspace fuel injectors, tank full of fuel, pulse laser, 3 missile and 100 credits. With fuel scoops you can go straight to mining or scavenging and fuel injectors help you escape the pirates and clear the mass locks.

  • Medium

If you don't want to start the game with the best all around ship, Cobra Mk III, then start the game with a Cobra Mk I. Earn credits and then buy the Cobra Mk III. You will value it a lot more when you have to purchase it your self. Your Cobra Mk I will have a tank full of fuel, pulse laser, 1 missile and 100 credits.

  • Hard

If you want to start from the bottom, then your choice is an Adder, the cheapest player flyable vessel in the game. Be prepared for a long game though, it will take a while to collect enough credits for a Cobra Mk I and eventually Cobra Mk III. You don't have to go out there empty handed though, your Adder will be equipped with a pulse laser, 1 missile and a tank full of fuel. On top of that, you get 100 credits. Ain't that a deal or what?

  • Harder

Want to go hard core? Then this game start is for you. And adder, a pulse laser, no missiles and no credits. Doesn't get any harder. On the other hand, it doesn't get much more rewarding either. When you finally have enough credits for that Cobra Mk III, it will feel you've really earned it.

  • Hauler

Want to start hauling cargo right away? Then start your game in a beat-up Python. The Python is in a pretty bad shape though, you might want to prioritize the maintenance overhaul over other upgrades.

  • Miner

Want to start the game with a ship that has no hyperspace capabilities? Then this is you choice. Mining Transporter, a mining laser, fuel scoops, witchdrive injectors and 100 credits. Want to change system? Hitchhike. After your first launch, an Anaconda trader with escorts launches and jumps to Zaonce. You might want to follow...

To make mining less dull and a viable career choice, you might want to check these oxps:

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Oolite 1.80



  • Download the latest version from the in-game expansion manager.
  • Download version 1.5.1 (for Oolite 1.77.1) from the box.

Quick Facts

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