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Dizzy was instrumental in facilitating the production of quite a number of OXPs including providing ships for the Aliens OXZ, but also Death Comms, Home System, Numeric Style HUDs, Smugglers amongst others.

Dizzy updated the Pitviper to OXZ format. He also updated Aegidian's original Compact Hud (now on the Expansions Manager).

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Dizzy has most recently been involved with Redspear on working on the Rescaling experiment, adjusting the sizes and distances in Oolite to make them more sensible without sacrificing playability.

Diziet Sma

Dizzy's Black Widow
  • A fan of the culture
  • Despite being an avid anarchist, Diziet Sma exhibits a morbid fascination for the Australian Flag
  • He commands the Black Widow, a Pitviper Beast.
  • He used to maintain the Oolite (video game) page on Wikipedia.
  • Having quit the bulletin board in 2018, Dizzy still haunts the GitHub site as GarryCK.