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"The best way to see the wreckplace at Tionisla is to approach it from the Sun (a reasonably safe thing to do since Tionisla, being a Democracy has few pirates in its system). Tionisla itself is a bright yellow world, and the cemetery is always between the planet and its star. As you fly close, the whole strange graveyard seems to be expanding from the circle of the world behind.

A peek at the TOGY in progress..

The first thing you see is a shimmering, silver disc, a double spiral of tiny bright points. It slowly turns: it's a galaxy in miniature, with the same intense blur of light at its centre, because here is where the biggest tombs are to be found.

Come closer and soon you can see that the stars in this galaxy are markers, great lumps of metal, heavily inscribed with the words and symbols of a thousand religions. The cemetery is a bizarre and moving sight. The markers are rarely less than a thousand feet across. There are chrome-alloy crosses, titanium Stars of David, duralium henges, and all the strange symbolic shapes of the worlds, and the minds and the faiths that have come to die in this Star traveller's special place.

Tethered below this vast, rotating mausoleum is the dodecahedral shape of a 'Dodo' class space station, the home of the Cemetery Authorites. Here you go through security checks and get your visitor's visa. And as you stand in the queue, staring up through the translucent ceiling of the Customs Hall, you can see the battered, broken ships of many of the dead, still attached to the silent tomb that contains the body."

from Robert Holdstock's The Dark Wheel.


This OXP adds the Graveyard to the Galaxy 1 system of Tionisla, as described in “The Dark Wheel” novella.

As in The Dark Wheel, the Orbital Graveyard is positioned between the planet and the sun. The Graveyard features long dead Commanders buried in their rusting ships, monuments, Crucifixes, Stars of David and other religious symbols. A Dodecahedron station is positioned nearby.

Naturally, Krait patrols will make short work of any Commander desecrating the monuments!

TOGY Memorials plug-in

This is a small plug-in to add memorials to deceased Commanders. The memorials take the form of a golden Starbird.


You can download TOGY version 1.1 (includes the Main OXP and the Monuments OXP) Updated 14 February 2011.

Related files: TOGY_Shipwreck pack Adds alternative models to the graveyard.

TOGY Memorials: TOGY Memorials v1.1

Version history

Version 1.1

  • At regular intervals there are tourist shuttle launches from the main station.
  • Broadcasts of ships are no longer silenced by the many objects, but always reach the player.
  • Removed all the rusty adders from the oxp.
  • Changed the colour of the monuments on the scanner from white to a more appropriate colour for a graveyard.
  • Updated all AI files.
  • Added a 1.75 ship-key that makes that killing a monument does no longer count as a kill. (No longer boosting your score by q-bombing the graveyard on Oolite 1.75+)
  • Added several ship scripts for better fine-tuning all kind of behavior.

Version 1.0

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