The Dark Wheel

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The Dark Wheel

Novella set in the elite universe. Distributed with the original boxed elite game.

The Dark Wheel expands upon the universe Robert Holdstock outlines in the Elite manual and introduces many new concepts.

It introduces us to the Ryder family, Alex and Jason. Alex watches his father die at the hands of an unknown Cobra pilot and almost dies himself in the process.

His journey for revenge takes him to many places, including the fabled Tionisla Orbital Graveyard and into the hands of the legendary Dark Wheel organisation.

Cast of Characters

Although I have tried to keep this as safe as possible, there may be spoilers.

Jason Ryder: commander of the Ophidian class trade ship Avalonia. Killed during the destruction of his ship by a pirate. Had a secret life as an Elite combateer.

Alex Ryder: Son of Jason Ryder. Survived the destruction of the Avalonia and dedicated himself to seeking revenge on the unknown pirate.

Elyssia Fields: a clone from the "clone world" Teorge. Rafe paired her with Alex because she was an excellent pilot but could not claim the honours of that for herself due to her clone status.

Rafe Zetter: a former friend and business partner of Jason Ryder's. Also a senior member of the Dark Wheel organisation.

Patrick McGreavy: a shady trader and associate of Rafe Zetter. Often trades in illegal goods or exotics. Has a known base on one of the stations in orbit around Xezaor.

What is The Dark Wheel?

The Dark Wheel is a secret organisation about which very little is known. They are known as dream chasers or legend seekers, since many of the stories about them involve them searching for legendary places or artifacts.

One of the legends they chase is the planet Raxxla. It is fabled to be a gateway to other universes, or at the very least a portal to somewhere else in the galaxy. Many parties actively search for Raxxla, but no-one has ever found it.


Robert Holdstock 1948-2009

The Dark Wheel has claimed him.


A young man narrowly escapes from the murder of his father at the hands of a mysterious bountyhunter. Pennyless, he nevertheless vows revenge...

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