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Missiles and Bombs is an OXP containing a collection of weapons and equipment available to buy from medium and high tech shipyards. While heavily focused on offensive weapons, the package also provides a selection of defensive equipment that may be particularly useful to pilots operating slower vessels.

Offensive Weapons

AS-1 Blue Steel Stand-off Cascade Missile
The Blue Steel is a large ship-sized missile armed with a 10-megaton quirium cascade warhead, effective at ranges of up to 20km. Although slower and less manoeuverable than a conventional missile, the Blue Steel is hardened against both electronic countermeasures and direct laser fire, increasing its survivability in combat situations.
AS-2 Red Pivot Fragmentation Missile
The Red Pivot is a medium-sized missile armed with a fragmentation warhead. Upon initial detonation, a collection of bomblets are released which are then exploded via a time-delay fuse. The weapon has a 750m blast radius.
AS-3 Green Spark Laydown Fragmentation Bomb
The Green Spark is a derivative of the Red Pivot missile and is armed with with a similar but significantly larger fragmentation warhead. The weapon is deployed in the form of a mine, and so may be used without a specific target being set into a ship's systems. The wide blast radius of the bomb makes it especially effective against multiple-ship formations or static targets such as asteroids or space stations.
AS-4 Orange Tear Immobilisation Missile
Popularly known as the 'Lawmaker', the Orange Tear was developed for use by GalCop to help in apprehending fugitives. The missile uses a short-range electromagnetic pulse to temporarily disable a ship's systems, bringing the vehicle to a stop and allowing it to be boarded and searched by law enforcement officers.
AS-5 Blue Neon High Speed Interception Missile
The Blue Neon is a small and highly-manoeuverable missile designed for use against fast, agile targets capable of outrunning conventional weapons. For maximum speed the missile is equipped with fuel injection, however due to size and weight constraints this results in a relatively small warhead. The Blue Neon in therefore best used to damage and slow down targets, bringing them within range of laser fire or heavier missile weapons.

AS-6 Yellow Chisel Multiple Warhead Anti-Thargoid Missile
Developed for use by the Imperial Navy against Thargoid warship formations, the Yellow Chisel is a large missile weapon that splits into four independent warheads; each warhead is equipped with a smart seeker head that is able to automatically identify and engage Thargoid ships, significantly increasing the odds of a successful attack. In the hands of Navy pilots, the Yellow Chisel is helping to turn the tide against the Thargoid menace.
AS-7 Violet Flax Electronic Override Missile
An advanced development of the Orange Tear, the Violet Flax analyses a target's systems and within seconds generates an intelligent software virus designed to strike at vulnerable areas of code within the target's avionics systems. The virus is transmitted by the missile via a short-range electromagnetic pulse, and results in temporary control failure and severe damage to the ship's equipment.
AS-8 Purple Strand Remote Detonation Bomb
The Purple Strand is a high explosive munition that is deployed in the same way as a mine but is detonated using remote control rather than a time-delay fuse. The weapon is armed once it has reached a sufficient distance from the launching ship, after which it may be detonated using an ECM pulse. The bomb has an effective range of 5km.

Defence Systems

Chaff Dispenser

The Chaff Dispenser allows a pilot to launch bundles of chaff to provide a passive defence against most conventional missiles, including the industry-standard Faulcon de Lacy HM3 and HMX5 models. Chaff refills, available in bundles of five, may be purchased at shipyards once the dispenser equipment is installed.

Defense Mine

The Defense Mine is an anti-missile defence system. Each mine releases four smart missiles, each armed with a small fragmentation warhead, that automatically seek and destroy any other missiles in the immediate area.

Distress Beacon

For pilots operating in dangerous territory, the Distress Beacon is an invaluable security precuation. Once deployed, the beacon transmits a distress signal to the nearest police unit, which will dispatch a squadron of ships to assist against any hostile targets.

Version Requirement

The latest version of Missiles and Bombs is v2.7 requires Oolite v1.79+ to work properly.


Download v2.7 in OXZ format here for Oolite 1.79 or later (downloaded 0 times). Discussion of this updated version can be found on the BB Forum here.

Missiles and Bombs (v2.5) is available from Ramirez' Oolite Pages here.