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Coluber CPV-9333 Pitviper
Pitviper 250x167 001.png
Size (W×H×L) 66m×57m×93m
Cargo capacity 9 TC
Cargo bay extension 3 TC
("Beast" variant only)
Maximum speed 0.333 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 1.8
Pitch: 1.2
Yaw: 1.2
Thrust: 39
Energy banks 9
Energy recharge rate

Good (3.66)

Gun mounts Fore, Aft
Missile slots 9
Shield boosters available Yes
Military shields available Yes
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player Yes
Base price 399999 Cr


What the Boa II is to the trader, the Pitviper is to the bounty-hunter. This corvette-class ship is the result of a joint venture between the Riredian Government and the Coluber Works and Shipyards Ltd. The HQ of the company is located in the Riredi system in galaxy one, and so they have very good connections to the local government.

The Pitviper is a straightforward combat vessel, a bounty-hunters dream. (And thus a pirates nightmare, of course).

The ships hull can not deny to be a insectoid design and thus - to human eyes - the ship looks quite ugly. Many of the outer technical details can not deny to be a human design and thus - to insect eyes - the ship looks quite ugly. But hey! They have put a nice paintwork on it.

Notable features

In the Riredian culture and religion the numbers 3,6 and 9 are very meaningful and this circumstance had great influence on the design.(E.g. the vindicator can carry 27 = 3*9 missiles; 9 energy banks; 3 engines; etc.)

A special characteristic of the pitviper is its' forcefield-reinforced hull. This, together with the special design of the hull, enables the pilot to attack by ramming other ships. But be careful! If the speed is too high (or the opponents ship is really big), even a reinforced hull may break.


The military version Pitviper "Vindicator" is not available on the civilian market. This version has no cargo capacity, but can carry up to 27(!!) missiles. Its' main weapon is a reinforced military laser. This proprietary development of the Riredian navy has 30% more penetrating power than a common military laser and is also not available on the civilian market.

If you are lucky, you may get an offer to buy the "Beast", a special edition of the Pitviper. Coluber has gained a exceptional permission from the Riredian Government to equip a small amount of Pitvipers for the civilian market with the military engines and energy banks of the the "Vindicator" version. Of course, these vessels are rare and quite expensive.

Notable pilots

Diziet Sma

The Pitviper Beast Blackwidow commanded by Diziet Sma
Diziet Sma commands the Blackwidow, a Pitviper Beast.

Maxwell D. Fishhead XXV (rank: deadly)

The Pitviper Firewizard commanded by Maxwell D. Fishhead XXV
Maxwell D. Fishhead XXV, a black furry feline from Diso, commands the Pitviper "Firewizard". Maxwall himself claims to be a tomcat of independent means who became rich at the 4D-roulette tables while others insist he became rich by smuggling firearms, medicines and even dissidents for the rebels on Leleer during the last civil war on this planet. Both could be true for he is an excellent spacepilot and an excellent gambler as well. Fact is, he won the Firewizard in an epic Lave-fold-em pokermatch. Though Fishhead may be a smuggler, apart from that he definitely is a tomcat of high ethical standards. On his travels he has rescued more than 50 souls found in distress at space and never accepted a reward for it.

Filgafel Saramant the younger (rank: harmless)

The Pitviper Shining Star of Atriso commanded by Filgafel Saramant the younger
Filgafel Saramant the Younger, oldest and only son of Filgafel Saramant the Elder, despot of Atriso, commands the Pitviper Beast "Shining Star of Atriso". Well, in fact he does not really "command" her. To say he tortures her through open space describes much better what he does. Filgafel is an absolutely inept pilot. But that does not matter much since he is the son of the despot and thus always has more than enough escortships with him that keep the spacelanes clear. Because money is no object for him, he can afford to be a bit gonzo: The entire vessel has a coating in a traditional weave pattern made from the finest furs of the Tibionisian deadly goat. Weird, isn´t it?


Compatible equipment for this ship. Factory standard equipment is marked in bold, all other equipment can be added by the player.
Misc. Equipment Advanced Space CompassDocking ComputersEscape CapsuleWitch Fuel InjectorsFuel ScoopsGalactic HyperdriveMulti-Targeting SystemPassenger BerthScanner Targeting Enhancement • {{{11}}} • {{{12}}} • {{{13}}} • {{{14}}} • {{{15}}} • {{{16}}} • {{{17}}} • {{{18}}} • {{{19}}} • {{{20}}} • {{{21}}}
Weaponry Energy BombBeam LaserPulse LaserMining LaserMilitary Laser • {{{7}}} • {{{8}}} • {{{9}}} • {{{10}}} • {{{11}}} • {{{12}}} • {{{13}}} • {{{14}}} • {{{15}}} • {{{16}}} • {{{17}}} • {{{18}}} • {{{19}}} • {{{20}}} • {{{21}}}
Defence E.C.M. SystemExtra Energy UnitNaval Energy UnitMilitary Shield EnhancementShield BoostersExternal Heat Shielding • {{{8}}} • {{{9}}} • {{{10}}} • {{{11}}} • {{{12}}} • {{{13}}} • {{{14}}} • {{{15}}} • {{{16}}} • {{{17}}} • {{{18}}} • {{{19}}} • {{{20}}} • {{{21}}}

Custom paint jobs

Click on images to view full-size.

Minimum requirements

Oolite 1.76+. No dependencies.


Download the ZIP-file, unzip and move the OXP-file from the unziped folder into the AddOns folder of your Oolite installation.

Known issues

Currently none.

Oolite Forum thread

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This OXP was developed by Captain Beatnik.


Thanks go to Thargoid, Killer Wolf, JeffBTX, Wyvern, Smivs, Griff and CommonSenseOTB. I have learned very much by studying their work. Special thanks go to to Maik and Diziet Sma for the help with this wiki and testing the OXP.


This OXP is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 International License (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).


Pitviper MK II (CPV-12375)

Pitviper2_v_1_1.oxz (downloaded 1404 times). Read more in the Pitviper Mark II thread.

Pitviper MK I (CPV-9333)

Pitviper_1_1_0_2016-10-24.oxz (downloaded 892 times). Read more in the Pitviper thread. (for Oolite 1.76.x - 1.77.x only)

Version History

Version 1.0.0 2012-09-09

  • First release of this OXP

Version 1.1.0 2016-10-24 (Updated for Oolite 1.80+ and converted to OXZ format by Diziet Sma)