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People will always want to be somewhere else. Although passenger liners are available, these only ferry between high economy systems (called Hubs). This leaves plenty of opportunity for the owner of a small interstellar craft. Even on routes that are served by regular passenger liners, there will be passengers with terrible sense of urgency or need of privacy that only a private vessel equipped with passenger cabins can provide. By fitting a passenger berth, you can accommodate a single passenger. Berths will provide all luxury creature comforts and an independent life-support system with an air supply for 5 days. Should catastrophe strike, most version can function as a lifeboat, in a limited fashion.

The Space Rickshaw Corporation has been highly successful in filling the niche market of cheap, fast, in-system passenger transportation by exploiting the Frog interplanetary shuttle.

Passenger Contracts

When docked, simply go to the "Passenger contract deliveries" interface screen, by pressing F4 (or 4) and selecting the appropriate item from the list of interfaces.

Here are listed all available passenger contracts. You can view the details of each contract, being careful to note the destination and potential risk the client may be, accept any you believe you can handle and bring them to their desired destination. View the Contracts page for more information.


Cost to install   : 825.0 Cr. 
Techlevel         : 6
Install one passenger berth, takes up 5 TC of cargospace.
Cost to de-install: 100.0 Cr
Techlevel         : 1
Reclaims 5 TC of cargospace.

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