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The view screen shows several items. The view! The HUD, at the bottom of the screen. The central green cross-hairs are used for accurate orientation of the ship during navigation and docking manoeuvres, as well as having obvious functions in combat.

The Sanya Amiya TLF glare-reducing view screen shows a processed view of the exterior of the ship using feed from four digiFeed cameras mounted on the contours of the hull. The views are displayed at 4 terapixel resolution and are intelligently processed before being displayed to reduce glare from solar objects and to enhance the available light, allowing greater clarity. During flight, the four available cameras are quickly selected:

  • Forward View
    Press f1 or 1.
  • Aft View
    Press f2 or 2.
  • Port View
    Press f3 or 3.
  • Starboard View
    Press f4 or f.

Other view functions may also be called upon at any time, using the console:

  • Status screen
    Press f5 or 5
    Displays present location and condition, fuel, economic and legal status, and lists the installed equipment.
  • Manifest screen
    Press f5 or 5 twice
    Displays the contents of the hold, and any eventual contract commitments.
  • Short Range Chart
    Press f6 or 6
    Shows a proximate system chart with quick-info and current hyperjump range perimeter with the available fuel.
  • Galactic Chart
    Press f6 or 6 twice
    Shows the entire galactic sector and enables planet name-search.
  • System Data screen
    Press f7 or 7
    Displays essential information on the present nearby system.
  • Local Commodity Market
    Press f8 or 8
    Displays local market prices, although no interaction is possible unless docked.




  • Telescope adds lightballs (showing legal status), masslock borders, distant beacons and sniper rings

Other sniping


  • For modifications of the Crosshairs see
  • HUD images here: (CB-HUD, ChupacabraHUD, Coluber, Dangerous, Deeper Space, G-HUD, Klepto-HUD, MilSpec, Nova Lux, Numeric, Sniper Camera System, Steampunk, Xenon, Vimana)
  • Guide to Accuracy OXPs: Target Reticle & Auto-Crosshairs



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