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HM3 Missile
Size (metres, WxHxL) 1.4 x 1.4 x 8.0
Maximum speed 0.75 LM
Maneuverability Roll: 10.0
Pitch: 8.0
Explosive yield 4500 GJ
Blast radius 250 m
OXP or standard Standard
Cost 30.0 Cr
TL Availability 2


The common missile, the Faulcon de Lacy HM3 Homing Missile is fast and accurate when used in conjunction with standard targeting scanners. They can be obtained at virtually any space port. Although there are many missile manufacturers, most are under contract with FdL to produce the HM3 by licence, assuring the spacer of a plentiful supply of reasonably priced missiles of acceptable quality.

Annoyingly, all missiles of this class are vulnerable to standard ECM, and seeing missile after missile perish only to prove the rising statistics of ECM-equipped ships, can make a commander very depressed.

Each missile will occupy one missile pylon/launch tube.

See also Missile tactics - How to get best use of the missile.


Traders who have recently survived Thargoid encounters by way of Navy intervention, report of a missile that is impervious to the Thargoid ECM equivalent.

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