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Name: Derik Roh'i. Goes by the callsign "Wyvern".

Species: Large gray-green reptiloid, Ontiatian-Tionislan hybrid.

The Rohi family are unique among the Lizard species. Being hybrids, the Rohi are practically a species unto themselves. Crossbreeding with other Lizard species, and subtle genetic editing have strengthened the Rohi bloodline over the centuries.

Diet: Mostly carnivorous

Gender: Male

Age: 45 Gal-standard years.

Marital status: Married; spouse is Esei ur Nelp-Rohi. This is more a spiritual relationship, and one of mutual emotional benefit to both parties. Whether there is any sexual relations is unknown; when questioned, both will answer "None of your bloody business" and pointedly refuse further questions. Only the crew and very close friends and family know for certain, and they're not speaking up either.

Homeworld: Tionisla. The Rohi estate is located on a small, privately owned continent roughly the size of Australia, and is the HQ of the Rohi's space trading business. Despite being on Tionisla, none of the Rohi wear Tionislan masks.

Personal sidearms:

Lance&Ferman Widowmaker Mk4 handblaster with ironwood grips. An older model plasma-discharge energy weapon, heavily modified, predating modern lightweight laser based energy sidearms. The plasma bolt is devastating to unarmored flesh, yet produces little damage to droids and cyborgs. Neither does it penetrate spaceship hulls, it's significant advantage.

Zeimann Arms Lancer Compact, model P Laser Pistol. Browning Warhammer Mk2 Force Pistol. Backup handguns, laser and AP slug, respectively.

Ontiatian K'tulou long dagger with jade hilt. A bladed melee weapon, vaguely resembling a shortened katana.

Occupations: Bounty hunter, warrior, occasional freelance test pilot

Combat rating: Elite


Hatched the third eldest of three brothers and two sisters, to Tael Roh'i, father, and Irrae Path-Roh'i, mother. The Roh'i family operated a family trading business out of Tionisla for many generations, and still do, though to a lesser degree as of late; the family Boa was destroyed by a pirate gang, taking Tael, Irrae, and a younger brother with it.

Derik was engaged in his own trading ventures when he heard the news. Immediately, he set about equipping his battered, used Cobra 3, with revenge burning in his soul. Thus began Derik's career as a ruthless slayer of pirates. A bounty hunter.

Getting involved in the test pilot program of Pteradyne Tech, Inc was of no small consequence; though the work of flying unproven prototype spacecraft was risky, the pay was good, and cemented Derik's career path. The Cobra could win some furballs, but it was by no means a dedicated combat thoroughbred, and Roh'i was seeking a deadly combat craft.

This eventually led to Derik's second ship, a Dragon heavy fighter, dubbed the Lady Tiomat - Tiomat being a dragon from an old Earth legend Derik read of while in the Academy. Derik fitted the Tiomat with an AI, as the ship needed a second crewbeing to serve as a technician. This worked out well, but turned out to be a mistake; the AI proved too stupid to keep up with exceptionally demanding tasks.

Derik eventually had the Tiomat upgraded to an M variant, and repainted in a striking gold and deep purple motif. At this time, the AI was supplemented with a felinoid orphan that Roh'i rescued from a slaver, Raminia "Kitten" DeFloreza, a spunky little leonic that proved to be a quite talented technician; Roh'i wound up losing an eye in a blaster duel with her captor.

Over time the pair continued, breaking up slaver and pirate rings together, with side forays into test piloting.

This eventually led to test piloting the Kirin prototype in the employ of Udian Shulth, which in turn led to the Thargoid invasion of Tibecia system, and a turning point in Derik's life. Roh'i is noted as one of the heroes of that battle, that saved several platoons of space marines from the doomed station, but losing the Lady Tiomat to theft. The Kirin prototype, dubbed Therenback, was donated to the GalCop History Museum at Lave.


Roh'i currently captains the Caduceus Omega Persistence Of Memory with Raminia and assorted crew. It's assumed that he's working with the Shulths, as like most known Caduceus ships, the Persistence Of Memory appears without warning in the most heated battles, ruthlessly destroys a vast number of hostiles, recovers loot, rescues ejected pilots, then just as mysteriously vanishes.

Known crewmates:

- Raminia "Kitten" DeFloreza: Leonic felinid, homeworld unknown. A rescued former slave, emotionally scarred and suffers nightmares from her ordeal at the hands of ruthless slavers. No known surviving family. Noted to be an extremely talented technician and mechanic, a talent that's gently encouraged by Derik, whom she looks to as a foster father. Sometimes blunt to the point of rudeness, and slow to trust. Derik has tried to find Raminia's surviving family, if any; so far to no avail.

- Rupert Thorn: A soft spoken middleaged human, Rupert is the ship's pilot, especially talented in evasion maneuvers. Combined with Derik's tactical talent and skills at the guns, Rupert excels at the flight yoke.

- Genray Pachensen: The ship's doctor, this small beaverlike rodentid has a vast medical knowledge in a broad range of subfields. It's rumored that Dr. Pachensen is as knowledgeable as Udian Shulth. Genray also assists in keeping the PoM's biological components in top order.

- Ossil and N'alik Hanuris: Ceerdian twins, the brothers are employed as security. Highly athletic and masters of martial arts and a variety of personal arms, the Hanuris brothers are loyal to their crewmates to a fault and dedicated to their duties.

- Esei ur Nelp-Rohi: A member of the near extinct race of "space gypsys", this reptilian centaurid serves in the roles as cargomaster, Gallymistress, and 1st mate, and, as Derik's wife, is the only crew member who would dare challenge his judgment. This, coupled with a wise, gentle and caring soul, makes her a well loved den mother to the crew. Any insult or threat to Esei will be quickly challenged by the rest of the personnel. Esei is generally nonviolent, however, can be a fearsomely effective melee fighter if threatened. She is almost never seen offship without an armed escort, by Derik's orders.

- Szix: Insectoid beings vaguely resembling large, yellow mantises with orange spots along their carapaces. Szix is five beings sharing a single hive mind, and may be telepathic, at least among itself; Szix refers of itself in the singular "I". Szix was recommended by the Shulths to Derik, and perform a number of jobs, often all at the same time.

- "Perci": The personality of the PoM's brain. "Persi" is treated as a crewmate by the rest of the crew.

Legal history:

- 12 minor moving violations, fines paid in full, all charges cleared.

- Accused of 2 counts of shooting down innocent traders during combat with aggressive pirates, but never proven, case dismissed. Derik's flight recorder was damaged and offlined during the battle. Derik was not able to collect the bounty pay.

- Thought to have been involved in the Orrora Orb invasion incident. Facts unknown, due to military coverup. Derik denies ever seeing an Orb.

- Known to have singlehandedly hunted down and systematically exterminated members of the slaving ring "Harbringers of doom".

- Thought to have murdered General Gouglass vor Cheem by some military brass, yet witnesses to the events in the Tibecia Invasion dispute that claim.


- As recorded in the GalCop Registry for Chart 1, "the planet Ontiat is scourged by an evil disease." This would be the Ontiatian Plague, an aggressive supervirus that afflicts thousands yearly. The Roh'i family have a natural immunity to the Ontiatian plague, thusly the Roh'i are known to donate blood annually. The blood plasma is used to make an antibiotic to combat the Ontiatian plague. Derik is no exception to the immunity, and donates blood as well.

- Known to snipe targets at long range, rarely engages at close ranges.

- Known for a certain coolness under fire, a degree of ruthlessness in battle, and a tendency to stand firm in defense of friends regardless of bodily harm or personal cost, qualities that have earned him respect among peers, and fear among outlaws.

- Known to have a taste for Ontiatian Bloodwine, chocolate-covered fried Lavian tree grubs, and flame-grilled BBQ trumble burgers.

- Defines Zero-Gee sports as "Like a perpetual motion machine, it simply doesn't work and wastes everyone's time". Defines docking computers as "Murphy's Law Incarnate: Prone to go wrong at the most inappropriate moment".

- Defines Boyracers as "Target drones with a laser, a mouth and an attitude, but a milligram of brain and even less sense".

- Sometimes seen speaking with, and trading in small quantities of salvaged spare parts, tools, and liqueur with another space operating reptiloid, a presumed business associate. In common reptiloid spacer custom, the two often greet each other as 'cousin'. Derik is suspected of quietly protecting this associate from other bounty hunters.

When not killing pirates for fun and profit, Wyvern hangs around the forums and makes stuff. Some stuff he has created or collaborated on:


Kirin Sport

Xarik Spaceplane




TAF Reset