Bounty Hunter Guild

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Bounty Hunter Guild (BHG)


The Bounty Hunter Guild (BHG), is an institution that regulates the profession of the bounty-hunting trade throughout the GalCop space. It is composed of many individuals, groups and organizations, each with its own regulations, specialties and agendas. While working close with GalCop, GalCop Police, Galactic Navy, local governments and various cooperations and syndicates, it curates the bounties for its members but also has a code all members are mandated to follow.

Guild agents maintain hubs all over the Eight, usually in the form of cantinas, the most known of which are probably the Seedy Space Bars. By accessing the guild's network, all targets could be viewed with the most wanted on holo-display at the main-bar.

With bounties coming in from often-questionable sources, and with mercenaries and assassins being part of the guild, it comes naturally that the boundaries of the law are often blurred, specially if the bounty requires "only dead". While GalCop often requires a license for specific jobs, most customers are just interested in results. No wonder that a fugitive assassin from yesterday could be your deputy of today in the next system.


The guild provides several services for their clients:

  • pursue an individual or a group to either apprehend or neutralize the target (bounty hunters & assassins)
  • protection of individuals, groups or locations (bodyguards, escorts, defenders)
  • miliary support for organizations, syndicates or government institutions (GalCop deputies, GN reservists, mercenaries)