Energy Bomb

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Energy Bomb
Energy bomb small.jpg
Name Energy Bomb
Cost 900
TL Availability 8

A powerful one-shot device that emits a high-powered electromagnetic pulse, disrupting plasma containment in drives of nearby ships, resulting in catastrophic damage. Well shielded larger vessels are capable of withstanding this assault on occasion, but small ships invariably do not survive. Triggering the Energy Bomb temporarily deactivates sensitive components. The pulse is harmonised with the drive of the firing ship.

Residual Effects

The release of an energy bomb creates magnetic field shockwaves that can cause catastrophic vibrations in certain minerals, including most asteroidal rock types. This invariably results in the fragmentation of asteroids that are within the range of an energy bomb explosion.

Energy Bomb under threat of removal

Thanks to a campaign by several members of the community the energy bomb was saved from removal from v1.74. The idea of this was that the energy bomb was too powerful and affected the game balance. However being an original feature of Elite, removal engendered strong emotions from fans of the classic game.

As proposed by Giles, the energy bomb has been reinstated in v1.74. The energy bomb is disabled by default since version 1.77, which will generally focus on more “visible” core game changes.

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Update on Energy Bomb removal

The Energy Bomb is only available by OXP in Oolite 1.80. Download and install Energy Bomb OXP (or get it through the manager)

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