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First played Elite back on the old BBC Model B, though never got further than Dangerous. Played Frontier and First Encounters when they came out, and enjoyed them despite the bugs. Again, didn't get past Dangerous. Discovered Oolite accidentally in late 2011 and thoroughly approve. Oolite was the first one where I made it to Elite ranking - probably because there's always something new to do!


I have far more ideas for OXPs than I have time to implement, but here's what I've released so far. Ones with a † have been released in OXZ format for automatic download in Oolite 1.79 or later. All of them require Oolite 1.76 (or at least are untested in earlier versions) - where a later version is required this is noted in brackets.

Missions and activities

  • New Cargoes† - over 100 new cargoes to trade in, and a variety of additional cargo contracts.
  • Curse of the Black Sunspot† - a mission OXP set in G3 (1.77)
  • Rescue Stations† - a new organisation and station for stable systems, with a variety of missions available there (now maintained with graphics updates and more by Spara).
  • Combat Simulator† - try out your ship in simulated dogfights

Variety and visual interest

Difficulty increases

  • Skilled NPCs† - make the NPC opponents fight more effectively (1.77)
  • Risk Based Economy - makes trade prices depend on government as well as economy (1.77)
  • Fair Cobra III - upgrade the NPC Cobra IIIs to match the player ship specification

Equipment items

  • Camera Drones† - some animated external views for your ship (1.77)
  • Energy Bomb† - an implementation of the old superweapon (1.77)


Retired OXPs

These are OXPs I wrote once but no longer maintain. Feel free to take over any of them if you want!

  • Talkative Space Compass - an upgrade to the Advanced Space Compass (1.79 has a HUD component which does the same thing better)
  • Enhanced Misjumps - an extra graphical effect for misjumps. (Other OXPs do misjump visual effects much better, and I'm not even sure if this one still works in 1.79)
  • Galactic Misjumps - reach intergalactic space, if you dare. (Needs someone with more time to make something more interesting of it - it's just a proof-of-concept at the moment)

Testing OXPs

I also have a few OXPs for testing new features in Oolite. OXP writers and testers may find these OXPs useful for quick access to the features and example code, but they're probably of no interest for actual gameplay.

Oolite 1.77