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I Play Oolite (v1.84)

After many witchspace jumps, I traded down to a Cobra Mk. III, and named her, Thalo Blue Rising. She has, however, been modified extensively. Not directly by me per se, but by employing one of the popular new Ship Configuration garages. The caveat being that any hardware or technical upgrade will have an additional cost, mainly the loss of cargo space and a slight reduction in speed and maneuverability. You can negate the latter by having a better engine installed, which I did and also a superior energy plant. I have taken my new ship into dangerous places and she has more than proved her mettle against many a foe.

2086464: A very brief stay in chart 6 (Solans), heading for a Rock Hermit in the Soesgera system (image above). From there making for Inesbe, a tech level 12, Rich Industrial world, to have a Galactic Hyperdrive installed. Soesgera is a good example of the beautiful, procedurally generated planets native to the core game. The Rock Hermit is my own creation, but most of it was borrowed from Anarchies OXP where it served as a salvage station. It is one of only a few objects in my ooniverse that was not made by Griff Industries. It rocks!

More Screen Shots

Screenie 1.png
Traversing the tube at a Rock Hermit station. It ends in a huge chamber and the dock is beyond that.
Screenie 2.png
Ico station at Inesbe main in the sixth octant.

CaptSolo's Oolite AddOns

This is the complete list. I don't clutter up my Ooniverse with a lot of stuff.

Background Set Audio and video enhance the immersion factor of the game. I did, however, remove all vocal messages in lieu of sound effects.
Camera Drones Allow for different perspectives on the action by complementing your ship's hull-mounted cameras and sensors.
Comms Log MFD Adds a log of all communications received by the player and displays them in a multi-function display.
Comms Pack A Adds a range of communications messages to NPCs using the new communications routines.
Cougar ST A rare but fearsome hunter that only operates in the more dangerous systems.
Galactic Registry This OXP aims to provide pilots with data relating to their current sector and better understand the galaxy they work in.
Griff's Cargo Pods Replacement cargo pods, models and textures by Griff. Available from the Expansion Manager.
Griff's Hognose From Archimedes Elite. Four religious AI variants that broadcast messages to the player. Available from the Expansion Manager.
Griff's Ophidian Another re-imagining of a classic Elite ship. A player buyable medium trader available from the Expansion Manager.
Griff's Replacement Shipset My personal edition for Oolite 1.82+, maintained periodically with newer resources and insured compatibility with core AI's and roles.
Navigation MFD This piece of kit will display additional information on the ASC target. Available from the Expansion Manager.
PAGroove's Stations My personal edition for Oolite 1.82+. Replaces by condition the three main types of GALCOP stations.
Random Ship Names Gives all ships of normal roles a randomly generated name. Some are plain jane but others are quite descriptive.
Ship Configuration This AddOn allows the player to re-configure their ship by adding or removing kit. Upgrading will cost in loss of cargo etc.
Station Ads Decorates system main stations with in-game ads, the number depending on tech level.
Torus Station Colossal and majestic, Torus stations can be spotted at a great distance in space but only on a few high tech worlds.
ZygoUgo's Combined AddOns My personal bundled edition combining ZygoUgo's Asteroids and his Cinematic Skies & Nebula OXP's. These are available separately from the Expansion Manager.

CaptSolo's Star Charts

I love maps and map making, but don't mistake these for serious charts:
Solo's Chart One
Solo's Chart Two
Solo's Chart Three
Solo's Chart Four
Solo's Chart Five
Solo's Chart Six
Solo's Chart Seven
Solo's Chart Eight

SoloTek Industries

Cobra Mark III-XT
Copperhead Mk. II OXP
Cougar ST OXP
I Missile

Collaborative OXP's

Deepspace Ships - Core addition shipset, upgraded graphically, and made compatible with Oolite 1.80
Simon B's Ships OXP - A collection from Simon Bridge's Neolite OXP's, upgraded graphically and made compatible with Oolite 1.80.
Torus Stations - All new textures and shaders, and made compatible with Oolite 1.80.

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