Extracts from the Tre Clan

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A book for the Ship's Library OXP written by Oolite's last Lead Developer, Cim.

Between 2083730 and 2083768 Cooperative Standard Time, the experienced lobstoid pilot Commander Irina of the Tre Clan returned to Lerequ to fulfill her Third Obligation by discussing the political, economic, social and military aspects of Cooperative space with several young members of the clan considering a career in space, illustrated with a number of stories taken from her fifteen kiloday career as an independent pilot. Transcripts and recordings were taken of these addresses and conversations for the benefit of future clan members coming of age.


  • Introduction
  • You don't want to be there
  • The Prime Objective
  • The Seven Light-Year Itch
  • Friends and Enemies
  • The Elite


This is listed under Equipment in the in-game Expansions Manager. You will need the Ship's Library to read it (also listed under Equipment in the in-game Expansions Manager!).


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