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Torus Jump Drive

The so-called Torus Drive, also known as a flux distortion drive or simply a Jump drive, physically changes the inertial mass of an object by projecting a gravitic field around it. This means that any vessel fitted with one can achieve an insanely higher speed than normally achievable with the system drive - depending on proximity of other gravitatinal objects (see The downside of this is that the ship is vulnerable to collision with asteroidal bodies that penetrate the gravitic field. The field itself is disrupted by the passage of other system drives within the field, resulting in the vessel being 'dumped' back into normal space.

The standard control for activating or deactivating this drive is marked j on the astrogation console.

The Torus drive does not use any fuel (unlike the Witch fuel injectors if installed). It is the second of the three drives installed in the standard Cobra Mk III (with the slower Engine/Main Drive and the faster Witchspace drive/Hyperspace drive).



  • Bullet Drive by Wildebloode causes one to only travel in a straight line and disallows manoeuvering
  • Shaky Drive by Astrobe causes one to wobble infuriatingly when the Torus Drive is employed
  • Torus to Sun Drive by Norby vastly increases the speed of the drive (especially when weapons are disarmed)
  • Breakable Torus Drive allows your Torus Drive to be disabled by a direct hit in combat



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