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Dictators v1.5

Dictators OXP
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Version 1.5
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Author Ramirez



This OXP is a flavour expansion for the Dictatorship systems. Its adds a range of ships and stations to each dictatorship, differentiating between those with agricultural and industrial economies, and offers new trading opportunities to players. The political and economic conditions introduced by this OXP are set out in specially-compiled System Profiles, which are included in the download.

Ships and Stations

Imperial Censor sm.png
Imperial Censor
Imperial Freighter sm.png
Imperial Freighter
Imperial Lictor sm.png
Imperial Lictor
Imperial Quaestor sm.png
Imperial Quaestor
Imperial Tanker sm.png
Imperial Tanker
Junta Enforcer sm.png
Junta Enforcer
Revolutionary Guard sm.png
Revolutionary Guard
Imperial Astro-Factory sm.png
Imperial AstroFactory

Version History

v1.5, 21 July 2011

- Minor correction to fix inconsistency between script and shipdata regarding spawn conditions for AstroFactories

v1.4, 19 June 2010

- Updated ship population script for compatibility with Oolite v1.74

v1.3, 31 May 2008

- Fixed freighter and tanker AI to avoid conflict with station behaviour
- Minor fixes to ship models

v1.2, 9 February 2007

- Added Imperial Freighter

v1.1, 30 January 2007

- Added Imperial Tanker
- Modified script to prevent appearance of multiple AstroFactories on launch, and tweaked positioning of ships and stations

v1.0, 22 January 2007

Initial version including:

- Revolutionary Guards and Junta Enforcers for the agricultural dictatorships
- Imperial Quaestors, Censors and Lictors for the industrial dictatorships
- Imperial AstroFarms, located within asteroid fields in the wealthier industrial dictatorships and marked as 'F' on the Advanced Space Compass
- Detailed System Profiles courtesy of GalCop Intelligence

As well as providing some hints on trading opportunities, the System Profiles also give an idea of things to come in future versions.


Many thanks to Dr. Nil for the Commies OXP which inspired this expansion, and for additional advice and suggestions.
All models and textures by Ramirez, with some use of existing Oolite meshes and base textures.


This OXP is available at: Ramirez' Oolite Pages

Download in OXZ format here for Oolite 1.79 or later (downloaded 6132 times).

An updated version of the AstroFactory is available for download here: AstroFactory.oxz (v2.1 downloaded 310 times)

A discussion of the updated AstroFactory can be found at: Oolite Forum

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