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This page collects the zillions of different varieties of lasers.

The OMGLaser has been omitted as it was never intended for serious play - but rather to make a point about Cheating.


For tips on using them, try: Laser tactics

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Information on lasers

See Expanded Weapon Info which provides details of fire rate, damage, range etc for the various lasers listed below.

OXP's affecting lasers

Note that there are a number of other OXPs which also affect lasers:

Guide to Accuracy OXPs some of which help in aiming
Laser Arrangement allows switching the location of your lasers while docked
Laser Booster: more damage at expense of breakage
Laser Cooler
Laser Mount Switching System allows having two lasers in a single position (say beam & mining) - switching them takes time!
Laser Reductor for salvaging the wreckage
Multiple Lasers & MFLPS multiply the number of forwards lasers on your ship
Primable Laser adds a secondary primable laser
Weapon Rotator rotates your 4 Lasers anti/clockwise to put the laser that's best for your current task up front.

... and also Laser Colors & Dark Ray which change/negate laser colours


Xenon HUD comes with 6 extra sets of crosshairs for non-standard lasers.
Guide to Accuracy OXPs has lists of oxp's which affect the crosshairs.

OXP's with large numbers of new lasers

The following OXPs contain large amounts of lasers (and are the main source of the list beneath):

Laser Cannons by Norby
Laser Combat Reimagined by Redspear
New lasers also by Redspear

The Vanilla game lasers

Pulse Laser (Ingram M1919A4 Pulse Laser)
Beam Laser (Ingram Model M1928A2 Beam Laser)
Military Laser (Lance & Ferman LF90 Military Laser)
Mining Laser (Kruger Model ARM64 Sp. Mining Laser)

And on a completely different note

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