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Dark Ray OXP by vasig & stranger: this small OXP turns off laser beam glows - not only your laser but NPC lasers too.

Precise fire control is however quite simple - just hear the hit tone over your speakers and check the bright reflex on the enemy's shields/hull. Custom Shields OXP (author CommonSenseOTB) is not obligatory, but is useful as a visual helper with cool functionality.


Background & Science

The visibility of a laser beam in vacuum is not just a stupid Hollywood pattern. The injection of excited atoms into a laser beam may ease aiming similar to using tracer bullets and shells in reality. In game, laser colors provides visual cues to identify combatants beyond scanner range and/or without STE upgrade. Magenta for Galcop or Navy, green for thargoids, red for other ships. Some expansion packs provide more complex color coding as additional visual clues. The aim of Dark Ray is the opposite: to remove such visual cues completely, immersing the player in the fog of war. Pure Ambience category formally, but affecting a gamer’s battle experience.

The idea of this OXP and the working way of its realization belong to Commander Vasig, my friend from the Russian sector of our Ooniverse. Having formal skills in OXP assembling I just presented it in the right way. I declare myself as author of Dark Ray in the info.plist and manifest.plist just for technical reasons: it is my part of work to maintain and distribute it.

To repeat, one cannot see laser beams in space - the vacuum of space means that there is nothing to reflect little segments of the beam and make it visible to anyone looking at it from the side. If a beam hit your eyeball (or camera) head-on, you would see it - but not otherwise!

For more information see: [1] [2]

Version history

02.03.2019 - Version 0.1.2 Converted to OXZ.

19.04.2018 - Version 0.1.1 manifest.plist added.

20.11.2013 - Version 0.1 Initial release.