Multi-Targeting System

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Allows selecting several simultaneous targets for missiles and ECM Hardened missiles.


To toggle between missile pylons, press y.
To Lock a target, press t and acquire target.
To launch missile at Primary Lock, press m.
To Unlock a target locked missile, press u.


Cut and pasted from Cim's comments here.

What the MTS does is allow you to maintain independent missile locks for each missile, so you can lock things up, then just hit the launch key repeatedly to fire them off at multiple targets. The catch with this is if you don't prepare the locks in advance, what you get is:

- lock missile on target
- fire missile
- lose target, because your next missile (which is now the active one) isn't locked on to anything.

Whereas without an MTS, your next missile would automatically be given the master target. With the memory upgrade, you can cycle between previously selected targets pretty quickly anyway, so the MTS really doesn't save much time.

There aren't many things that require two missiles in succession firing at them, but you might well want to fire a missile to keep it busy while you press an attack with your lasers.

I'd recommend:

1) Don't buy the MTS until you've already got - and found time to get practised in using - the Target System Memory Expansion
2) Only buy it then if, even with the TSME's assistance, you find you're regularly too slow to re-lock missiles on to target when you're firing more than one in a short space of time.

The MTS is a good piece of kit for certain advanced piloting styles (where the few seconds it saves you when launching a full missile spread can be crucial), but it's also the one piece of kit which may actually make you less effective in combat if you install it without knowing how to use it well.



Price: 325.0 ₢
Techlevel: 6

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