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A list of all Oolite stories by author.


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The relationship between the game and associated literature began with Classic Elite and The Dark Wheel. Frontier continued the pattern. With Oolite, some interesting variations on the theme have occurred.

The early players and developers of Oolite had played Frontier, and many had tried to synthesise it with the earlier game of Elite (it was, after all, labelled as Elite II on the box cover). Thus much of the earlier Oolite fiction draws on the Frontier canon as well as the Elite canon. Accordingly, Drew Wagar, Commander Wyvern & Blaze O'Glory do exactly that.

But this then fed back into the game! For example, Spara, having read Drew's Oolite saga, then dedicated himself to updating the Galactic Navy oxp's so that they fitted better into the newer versions of the game which now enjoyed shaders and better AI (back around 2014). On the other hand, the originators of HIMSN, appalled at the domineering nature of the Galactic Navy (which had been all but invisible in Classic Elite), dedicated themselves to producing a smaller, more focused navy, which they felt fitted in better with the scant references found in the canon of Classic Elite (and ignoring Frontier)! See Lore & History for more of this sort of analysis.

For fictional Oolite non-Fiction see Oolite Literature

Alien Items, the Oolite Anthology

The Cover of Alien Items
  • Alien Items is a collection of short stories set in the Ooniverse, written between 2006 and 2012. Various authors are represented including Dylan Smith, Blaze O' Glory, Cody (El Viejo), DaddyHoggy, Commander Wyvern, Ganelon and Drew Wagar. This is the official Oolite anthology.
  • The Virtuous Misfortune (Dylan Smith) - What happens when the captain and crew of a Python Class Cruiser recover some cargo that they didn't quite intend
  • Carver's Anarchy (Ganelon) - Stand-alone Chapter 1 of the saga below
  • Nine (Drew Wagar) - About an attempt to reach the ninth chart and its tragic consequences
  • Calliope (Blaze O' Glory) - What can happen when the deal to ship some machinery is just too good to be true
  • Coyote (Cody)
  • Ascension (Drew Wagar) - What happens when a spaceship crashes on a pre-spacefaring world
  • Local Midnight at the Vacuum Bar (Blaze O' Glory)
  • Snake Charming (DaddyHoggy)
  • Schism (Drew Wagar) - About an anachronistic incident on a generation ship
  • Vakume Danserz (Ganelon)
  • Negotiations of Failure (Commander Wyvern)
  • Lazarus (DaddyHoggy)
  • Replay (Drew Wagar) - About Thargoid mind experiments on humans

  • It can now be found here.

List by Author




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Blaze O'Glory

Captain Hesperus

Whilst most of the Captain Hesperus oeuvre comes from the pen of Disembodied/Blaze O'Glory, there are one of two snippets from the cat himself...


Clym Angus

  • Also see Wyvern & Clym Angus below



  • Coyote - a ripping yarn set in the fifth octant.
  • Inside Straight - the unlikely sequel to Coyote.
  • Sombrero Fallout - the even more unlikely sequel to Inside Straight (as yet, unfinished/unpublished).
  • An Ideal Victim! Short story

Cody's fiction may be downloaded here.


  • Lazarus I (2009) Flying a second-hand Cobra Mk. III
  • Lazarus II (2009)
  • Snake Charming - in the Alien Items anthology above or here. (2010)

DavidTQ's bridge - inspiration for his story


  • Deadly Designs (2012) 8-part story in two posts: Building up to iron-ass a Cobra Mk. III



  • Old Ships Are Best (2012) on the Oolite BB. A story about a Commander of an old and battered Python Special ET. A work in progress.

Drew Wagar

Status Quo.
Cover by Neil Badman
Cover by Neil Badman
  • Status Quo (2006) - The first story in the Oolite Saga. “A brilliant scientist uncovers a terrifying plot to begin a galactic war. Aided by a talented, but reluctant and embittered combateer, he must stop the deployment of a super weapon he invented. A weapon so powerful it threatens to destroy entire worlds.” Elite came with a Novella called The Dark Wheel, which set the scene for the game. Status Quo aims to do the same thing for Oolite, introducing Commander Jamesons to the Ooniverse...
  • Mutabilis (2008) - The second story in the Oolite Saga. “When a series of linked murders forces GalCop to outlaw the shadow organisation known as ‘The Dark Wheel’, a mysterious top secret document must be found in order to stave off a galactic conflict. The document contains a devastating secret; the key to domination, power and control. A secret as old as space itself, the location of the legendary planet ‘Raxxla’”. Mutabilis is the sequel to 'Status Quo' and also introduces readers to the adventures of Captain Hesperus. Further accounts of this roguish character can be found in the Calliope story below...
  • Incursio (2011) - The third story and final part of the Oolite Saga. “When a deadly alien attack is launched across the galaxy, humankind finds itself under-prepared and overwhelmed. As star systems begin to fall, privateers take up the battle alongside the military forces and a desperate plan is hatched to stop the invaders once and for all, before humanity is eradicated.” Incursio picks up the story eleven years later and also feature avatars from the Oolite forum: Daddyhoggy, Hesperus, Udian, Coyote, Derik, Cheyd and Maik.
  • Finis (2011) - The fourth and final final part of the Oolite Saga. "With the alien menace poised to overthrow the galaxy a lone group of combateers is all that that stands between them and total annihilation. When one of their number is kidnapped by the aliens and their plans thwarted, the group must decide whether to mount a rescue and risk losing the war, or sacrifice her for the greater good of humankind…"
  • Altera (2016) - The fifth and final final final part of the Oolite Saga.

The first two of the series have been transmogrified into Ship's Library books for reading while docked or in-flight on an MDF.

The Oolite Saga had its own fan page on Facebook.

Drew has also written a number of short stories for the Oolite Universe… (the first four are in Alien Items, above)

  • Schism (2007) - ”Lumbering through the deeps of space are the Generation Ships; huge self contained transports driving between the stars at sublight speeds in the midst of thousand year journeys to populate new planets. After 30 generations, a staggering and devastating truth is revealed to the occupants of one such ship…”
  • Nine (2009) - “The story of an attempt to reach the ‘ninth’ chart. As players familiar with Elite and Oolite will doubtless know there are only eight charts reachable by Galactic Hyperspace. Does the ninth chart exist? Can it be reached? If so, what’s there? This is a slightly chilling tale of the ‘Ooniverse’…”
  • Ascension (2009) - ”A tale of what might happen when an example of sophisticated technology is suddenly thrust upon a backward culture steeped in religion.”
  • Replay (2009) - “Difficult to describe even in summary without giving away the plot. It’s only three and a half pages long, so won’t take you long! Enjoy!”
  • Family (2009) - “an excellent battle and nice interaction between Kemi and the Princess.”

Visit Drew Wagar's website.


  • Dark Temple (2013-4) on the Oolite BB. Disparate chapters of a projected book.

Dylan Smith

  • The Virtuous Misfortune (2006) - Dylan wrote the first short story for Oolite. A salutary warning in terms of who and how to fight, and what cargoes are safe to carry...


  • Vakume Danserz (2010) on the Oolite BB. Not quite a story, in my opinion. A vignette, perhaps. Included in Alien Items.
  • Carver's Anarchy (2010) on the Oolite BB. This might be the first installment, or it might be the only story about Carver and his crew that I actually get around to finishing. [Comment: This a now an 8 chapter short story giving imaginative insight into an Anarchy]
  • Derelict 2011 on the Oolite BB. Marooned in witchspace!



Herald's End by K Thomas

K Thomas (OneOfTheLost)

  • Knight's Oath (2012). Unfinished. A bar-room brawl over Ensoreus & a space fight over Ararus.
  • Herald's End (2009-2010) on the Oolite BB. An Oolite short story, a work in progress.

My god, the stars...

Hundreds of the blinking lights shone through the infinite blackness of the abyss. The three viewscreens in front of him where filled with them. Slowly the pilot leaned back in his chair. Eyeing the left viewscreen with a hint of concern, he pushed the steering yoke forward, pushing the ships' nose downward, and hopefully out of the 'lane' of traffic going into, and leaving the station.

At its pilot's bidding, the Python class freighter sunk downward. The pilot pressed a button on his console, and the center viewscreen's view suddenly changed. Now it showed a perspective from the rear of the ship, allowing the pilot to see a spinning dodecahedron shaped mass. The engines where at 'full-burn' and a trail of yellow and blue partially obscured the Coriolis space station. Just behind it, a massive green blob filled part of the screen.


The planet was infamous. Or more accurately, the system where it made its residence. Many a spacer had started his or her career here. The Lave Academy qualified those with the credits for space flight. Licenses where issued by a rather surly frog aboard the orbiting space station.

Having just left a rather heated encounter with just such a dockmaster, the young pilot gave a scowl. This promised to be an interesting trip. Putting the ship onto a course aiming directly at the sun, Orin Minea'r leaned back into the pilot's chair and observed the deck around him.


  • It's a story. But not appearing in the usual format. Download Littlebear's Galactic Almanac OXP and pop it into your AddOns folder. Add GNN from the in-game Expansions Manager if you do not already have it. Shake, stir, and then mix yourself a decent drink, and watch the plot unfold as you mooch around the galaxy!
If you have not already encountered Captain Hesperus, then you might care to browse one or two short stories about him first, just to give some context, and relish LittleBear's drama a little more: sneak a peek at Blaze O'Glory's fiction, above.


Marc Beaumont (Maaarcooose)

  • Mostly Deadly (2012) on The story of a hedonistic woman, running from her past, until it catches up with her and changes everything.
  • The Curse Of The Crimson Koala (2013) on the Oolite BBS. First part of a three parter. Theme music also available on Soundcloud.

Griff adder.jpg


  • Mossfoot Tales of Woe (2014-2015) on the Oolite BB. Ending up in an Adder, no ID, no money, no fuel. And no joystick.
Follow the link to find the first stories in the series (buried deep in another thread)
  • Captain Morgan & Spitfire (2014-2015) on Blogspot. ...I need something to do while I am lying here in this medbed, looking like a mutated octopus with tubes and wires sticking out of nearly every part of my anatomy.

My ammo crate

  • The Systems Three (2015) on the Oolite BB. High politics in the eastern end of Galaxy 1.
  • The Rebellious Three (2016) on the Oolite BB. Because this is a sequel, reading The Systems Three is recommended, but not required.

One of the Lost

See K Thomas above


P.A. Groove

  • The Ipsiolon Treat (2010) on the Oolite BB. A work in progress. Starts down-planet in Isence.

Paladin Tux


  • Petra (2011) on the Oolite BB. A 7-part story about mining prospectors. The final parts are at the end of the thread.



  • Breaker Breaker (2012) on the Oolite BB. A story about some wet behind the ears new pilots fresh out of the Academy. A work in progress.



  • Anguis Primus: What happens when an uber ship falls into the hands of a girl...
  • Komodo: Short story about an uber ship
  • The Shadowed Hand: Work in Progress.



  • Static (2012) PDF download. Whilst clearing out some old kit I found some partially completed ooliterature that I was working on 3 or 4 years ago. Normally I just bin this stuff but this time I though I'd have a bash at finishing it and letting you poor people "enjoy" it. So, I suppose I'm proud to present Static.


  • Lost in Transit (2014) PDF download linked to Oolite BB. Life of a dockworker on a Coriolis station.

Griff Rock Hermit.jpg


  • Hermit (2012, 2015, 2021) PDF download linked to the Oolite BB. Translated by Stranger into English from the Russian. War in the Iron Stars region, and a mining space hermit.
  • Inflexible (fiction). Murky misdeeds in the Devil's Triangle (2014, 2020) Imperfect & unfinished translation

The Old Gamer


Wyvern & Clym Angus


  • Amerindians in Space (2011) on the Oolite BB. Fleeing Earth... Features Captain Hesperus & El Viejo.


Other Languages


Hermit (2015) - War in the Iron Stars region, and a mining space hermit.
Inflexible (2020)

Treasure Troves

Notes on Writing Oofiction

  • Oocyclopedia (2014) Is there a guide to the ooniverse for new writers who wish to contribute fiction?