Tibionis (Rough Guide)

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  • Economic status: Mainly Agricultural (with heavy emphasis on tourism)
  • Technology level: 8
  • Population: 3.9 Billion (Furry Rodents)
  • Political status: Democracy
  • Radius: 4673km
  • G: 1.15 standard
  • Neighbors (7.0 LY or less): Isence, Terea, Oresri, Uscela, Maregeis, Laenin, Reinen, Esbeus, Zarece, Xexedi

" Tibionis is most noted for the Tibionisian deadly goat and its vast rain forests. Sadly the deadly goats were introduced by traders from Aronar. Tourists are advised not to travel deep into the splendid jungles. In addition Tibionis features beautiful tropical beaches. Tibionis is the center for Navy sector command 4."

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