Laenin (Rough Guide)

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  • Economic status: Poor Agricultural
  • Technology level: 4
  • Population: 2.4 Billion (Human Colonials)'
  • Political status: Communist
  • Radius: 4165km
  • G: 1.05 standard
  • Neighbors: Terea, Oresri, Usle, Uscela, Maregeis, Reinen, Esbeus, Lerelace, Tibionis, Xeoner, Xexedi

"The planet Laenin is famous as being remotely named after an old hero of Coomunism. Laenin was a leader who named himself after reading a fictional book on a fictional planet called Earth. In that book a red revolution was described. This revolution made him invent coomunism. He made a sit-com. People loved it. That was long ago and the red revolution has spread all over the 8 galaxies. Today Laenin is called: the workers paradise."

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