Laenin (Rough Guide)

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  • Economic status: Poor Agricultural
  • Technology level: 4
  • Population: 2.4 Billion (Human Colonials)'
  • Political status: Communist
  • Radius: 4165km
  • G: 1.05 standard
  • Neighbors: Terea, Oresri, Usle, Uscela, Maregeis, Reinen, Esbeus, Lerelace, Tibionis, Xeoner, Xexedi

"The planet Laenin is famous as being remotely named after an old hero of Coomunism. Laenin was a leader who named himself after reading a fictional book on a fictional planet called Earth. In that book a red revolution was described. This revolution made him invent coomunism. He made a sit-com. People loved it. That was long ago and the red revolution has spread all over the 8 galaxies. Today Laenin is called: the workers paradise."

Many of the other famous leaders of Coomunism - Stoolin, Trootsky, Moo and Xe, have made pilgrimage to the Massive Mausoleum of the Maker, where Laenin sits embalmed, to see the origin of their creed. The Mausoleum is tetrahedral and the rooms surrounding the Maker are devoted to his life, the book and his sit-com. They are usually teeming with school children who are bussed in from all over the planet.

Laenin is renowned for its TV dinners. Their production, their packaging, the glorious factories in which they are made, with their exultant workers - and the rejoicing farmers who happily toil away in the fields producing the necessary raw materials. The Laenians downplanet lead lives of jubilant euphoria, living in a veritable paradise.

Laenin (Animation).gif

The capital city, Peoplesville, contains the massive ruins of the Imperial Palace which Laenin destroyed. In front is a colossal statue of Laenin, holding his great book aloft in the skies. Facing the statue and the ruins is the Red People's Palace made of crimson sandstone. This is where the Comintern meets and decides policy for the planet, furthering the economic development of the people. The roads in Peoplesville contain a special lane down the middle for the limousines of the people's commissars, so that they can move quickly to address the concerns of the people. The major roads are oft-times surrounded by the ruins of the vestiges of the "ancien regime" - theatres, opera houses, libraries and other ancient dens of capitalist iniquity. The Thought Police lovingly care for the people, making sure that their desires and needs are heeded by those who can truly help. On many an occasion the best help is to be found in an astro-gulag where the true needs of the perplexed can be met with the thoughtful and considerate assistance that is really required.

The second city, Utopia, lies by the east side of where the river Paradise runs into the Sea of Bliss. It contains the home of Laenin, now a museum, and also a famous theatre house, where the Boolshoi ballet perform their productions, enthusing the people to work harder and help improve the economic fortunes of the planet. The main park, Xe gardens, is the location for many exercise groups who meet regularly and perform callisthenetics to the melodic urgings of the Thought Police Brass Bands.

The Mountains of Morn are truly beautiful when seen from a distance - haunting and surreal. Alas, closer contact is prohibited due to the rumoured cancerous presence of dissidents who haunt the peaks.

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