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Nuit is built to allow external docking

Musings about Oolite: What I would like to see changed

By in large I am extremely happy with Oolite the way that it is. While I find a number of faults in the Vanilla game these are almost all fixed by OXPs. My remaining issues are:
  • Oolite only offers 2-dimensional F6 charts with exactly 256 systems in each (thanks to Pleb for working on this one). Ahruman started fixing the 2D thing back in 2011
  • Pocket universes: the inability to travel from one system to another without using a witchdrive jump
  • Planet, sun & moon surfaces to show on the IFF scanner (Quirum Bombs show up, why not planets?)
  • The overly-simplified prices/economics system (thanks to Stranger & Phasted for helping improve things)
  • The bizarre scales (thanks to Redspear for working on sorting this one out!)
  • More NPC interaction, more to do outside the ship, more realistic landings/launches - including mooring outside the space stations on pylons (as Nuit theoretically offers on the lower struts)
  • More control buttons for OXP equipment. For OXP equipment we just have Tab/0/N & ctrl-N to select the equipment; n & b to activate; and the four controlled colons to operate MFDs. Personally speaking, I really need another 2 equipment priming buttons and for Autolock & ILS to be made primable rather than automatic and suicidal. Thanks to Phkb for fixing this one.

OXP's which really change the game

OXP's needing work

  • MFD's which need tagging for HUDSelector so that they are remembered in the save files:
Advanced System Data MFD (Strangers World)
Galactic Almanac MFD Unit
Ship's Library OXP
  • Useful MFDs needs sorting out (Solar Wind gauge is faulty, and generates too much rubbish).
  • Diplomancy needs sorting out: generates massively long lists of peace treaties between just two states...
  • I'd dearly love to see the spiderweb jump sequence from BGS v.1.10.9 added in as an option to the newer BGS.

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The Sun is pretty big.<ref>E. Miller, The Sun, (New York: Academic Press, 2005), 23–25.</ref> The Moon, however, is not so big.<ref>R. Smith, "Size of the Moon", Scientific American, 46 (April 1978): 44–46.</ref>


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Footnoting is currently impossible as the necessary add-on for the wiki has not been loaded into it: ...There are no references on Wikipedia. The <ref> tags don't work. Apparently the Cite Extension has not been installed.

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A strong and powerful heavy interceptor, based on the design of the first generation of the Asp Mark II Special. Substantially larger than the standard Asp Mark II, with a higher maximum speed, more energy banks and 2 pylons. It is purely a fighting ship, having no cargo capacity.

The Asp-X was licensed for civilian use and, although a rare sight, these ships could be encountered occasionally. They are favored by hunters and assassins and, inevitably, also by pirates and brigands.

Developed as a light Interceptor for Her Imperial Majesty's Space Navy the Cobra2-X is a development of the (later abandoned) Cobra Mk II prototype. It is an effective light fighter/interceptor popular with Assassins and Hunters. The Cobra2-C derivative is intended as a courier ship (hence the 'C' designation) and its small hold also allows fitment of a Passenger Berth making it ideal for use as a taxi. The Cobra2-C is slower than the X-ship version but has up-graded equipment options and a Hyperdrive.

Developed as a medium Interceptor for Her Imperial Majesty's Space Navy the Sidewinder-X is an evolution of the Sidewinder Scout Ship and is similar in specification and performance. However it is much larger and the increase in size means that it has slightly increased maximum speed and maneuverability over the Scoutship. The Sidewinder-X also has up-graded equipment options and a Hyperdrive.

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Live long and prosper, and may the Great Bird of the Galaxy bless your planet! —THE PHOENIX {Talk to me!} 01:11, 21 February 2010 (UTC)

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Wine Cooler OXP
Name Wine Cooler
Cost 10₢
TL Availability 1

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Lifted from Phkb's BroadcastComms MFD page

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I don't really see the need for a timeline or a backstory.

The way things are is just the way things are; I don't need to know where Earth is, or how human beings got from there (if they did) to where they are now. For me, a large part of the appeal of the game is its vagueness. It's as close to a blank slate as we can get, and it's built to be modded all over the shop to everyone's individual preferences.
Too much backstory just gets in the way.



Knotty's natty gallery

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New Region Page

Will be The Lizard's Claw

Also need to sort out link on Sector7/Ceraso page - and link in to the other systems!

Also need to sort out what on earth the "|XPosRel=13|YPosRel=61" is all about for the map!

Also need to sort out the regional template for Galaxy 7.

Lore added to Lizard's Claw page!