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Appointment new-flash (courtesy of Cody)

Cholmondeley (Pronunciation: IPAc-en ˈ tʃ ʌ m l i or CHUM-lee). See Ghoti is pronounced Fish

With a deep abiding loathing of grammatical infelicities and typographical misdeeds, Cholmondeley is slowly assaulting the pages of this Wikipedia in an attempt to bring serenity and syntactical splendour to its contents.

If you can replace any of my ghastly screenshots with a better: please, please do so!

I should mention that both Montana05 and Cody have been very helpful in all this. As have Stranger, Redspear, User2375 & Hiran. I think that I would have to argue that Hiran has really helped me make major improvements to the functionality of this wiki - both with his databases and his enthusiasm. If I've forgotten your name, I grovel!

The following lists incorporate various musings!

List of recommended OXZs/OXPs (2021)

These are the ones I like! I'm not personally into lots of different ships.


There is a lot of information in Oolite. These vital OXPs help give you access to the information you need to play/enjoy the game

You might also care to add The Galactic Almanac OXZ - a guide to everything in your current solar system - stations, planetary bodies, rock hermits, etc. (not yet on the in-game Expansions Manager).


These help bring the universe around you to life:

These give the solar systems a bit more variety

These add bits of Oolite lore




  • Vimana HUD - vital warning systems if altitude/energy/shields are too low etc.





These give these systems much individual colour. If you can handle it, add Anarchies too!

Optional - for difficulties with Combat


Look at Career Options for more tips if you favour a mining/piracy/courier etc career


These all add a layer of realism to the universe - but increase the complexity of play.

Some of the New Wiki pages

  • Language tips and links for non-fluent English speakers


In-game equipment

  • Torus Drive felt this was very much needed (I spent about a month with Shaky Drive .oxp installed - thanks to Norby's combination packs - and could not work out why I was not flying normally! - scoured the wiki, found nothing). This led to a reworking of the Equipment pages (originally for FFE) and the adding of Standard Equipment to both the page and the template. Also added a taster of .oxp equipment to what was previously just standard optional equipment.
Also added Altimeter, Astrogation Console, Cargo Hold, Compass, Engine, Hyperspace Drive, Life Support Systems, Shields, Ship's Hull & View Screen. No others left to do (unless I find some!)
New pages for F3, F5, F6, F7 & F8 pages

Out-game equipment



And all the Developers for whom I could work out what they did!

Some of the above I find quite admirable. Another_commander is very modest and has done so much for both our little community, and for the game. Our artists (of whatever bent) have had some truly inspirational ideas (Clym Angus, GS Agostinho, PA Groove). Stranger's work is just truly awesome. And then there are those I've not mentioned. And a lot of the work I'm unable to appreciate - such as that on ships for example. I really must mention phkb, too. Again, very modest. In the past year since I joined, he's been working away updating other departed authors' oxp's, as well as devising his own. When you look at his own, they are very unassuming (like him). And, like him, they make a massive difference to the game. I first noticed his common-sense oxp's (maintenance on demand, making planets look like their descriptions, e-mail system, XenonUI, liners markets, red fonts for "selling" items in the shipyard, etc. But then he came out with his GalCop Galactic Registry and I discovered his GalCop Missions, Home System, Boradcast Comms, Smugglers...). He has added an entire new dimension to the game. Just look at the equipment he has created for GalCop Missions: Cargo Stopper, Ejection Damper, Range Finder, Seismic Resonance Scanner, Solar Activity Scanner, Mass Passenger Transport Module ... And then look at his Ship Configuration.oxp! And of course, his experiments: Pirate Player, Hermitage... Just Brilliant!


Talking about Oolite

Structure of this wiki

  • With Hiran's help, new pages/redirects for all unlisted OXZ's in the Expansions Manager (zillions of the blighters!)
  • Redirect pages for ANA, STE, MTS etc. Also for most equipment listed in Hiran's invaluable Index of artefacts
  • New categories: Lore, Stranger's World, Racing, Classic Elites, Classic Ships, Lasers, Missiles & Bombs, Legacy Scripting, Concepts, Help pages
  • Collecting the various Help pages and linking them together with a new head page: How do I ....

History of this wiki

The Dark Side

Major Edits

Sorting out messes

  • Adding links & lists of relevant OXPs to Hyperspace/Quirium/Witch Fuel Injectors etc
  • Sorting out the various Rock Hermit (Oolite) pages and their OXPs
  • Sorting out the ghastly Lave & Tionisla messes with lashes of lavish linking
  • Sorted out the Ascension - Sector1/Sori‎‎ mess. Also referenced Ascension in Weapon Laws OXP for those using it.
  • Tried to sort out the muddle with 4/5 different library pages (library.oxp, cim's ship's library, spara's technical library, etc.) by adding a disambiguation section at the top of the most confusing pages: BB beg.
  • Tidied up the OXPList‎ page, reducing entry sizes to just the one line on my screen (11 inch?), and sorted out the Ship's Library oxps.
  • Sorted out all but the gnat's link on Complete Ship List
  • Linked all the various Thargoid OXPs together.
  • Linked the various fuel tank OXPs together to enable comparison.
  • Tried to make sense of the Racing pages Zorg Racing, Ring Racer OXP et al.
  • Linking together the disparate pages on systems/planets: the Oolite Planet List family with the Galaxy Guide family with the new pages on The Eight & Maps

People matter

  • Lots of work on User:Cim with links to the fascinating debates on the development of v1.80 & v.1.82
  • Ditto for User:Ahruman
  • Editing various user pages and then pm-ing the people in a desperate attempt to draw them back. People are important and deserve recognition for the things they do right. I'm fed up with only ever blaming people for things they do wrong.
  • In the handful of cases where I've been able to contribute meaningfully to the various Frontier pages, I've done so too.
  • Adding in a little historical context and links to the Realistic Shipyards page
  • Listed Cody's fiction

Unearthing treasures

  • Trying to raise awareness of SOTL and Strangers World, so bunged in links right, left and centre!
  • Ditto with User:Redspear's work
  • Links for downloading older versions of Oolite
  • Snark was fun. Montana05 was very helpful.


Help pages

  • Links for the various Help pages (some of which have hopefully been thus rescued from utter obscurity)
  • Fleshed out Milkrun with sample routes and maps - also Short Range Chart‎
  • More links for the Career Options page


  • Replacing cr./cr/credits with ₢ (Dybal did it first!).

To do

General Guide

Guides to all the GUIs (if that is what these things are!)

F1 page (launch)
F1 page (forwards view)
F2 page (commander "jameson" options)
F2 page (aft view)
F3 page (ship outfitting)
F3F3 page (Dockyard ships for sale)
F3 page (left/port/larboard view)
F4 page (ship and system interfaces)
F4 page (right/starboard view)
F5 page (commander "jameson": details)
F5F5 page (ship's manifest)
F6 page (galactic chart "1")
F6F6 page (long range chart)
F7 page (data on "system")
F8 page (commodity market)
F8F8 page (commodity "item" information)

OXP programming pages

I find these almost entirely incomprehensible. If I ever learn enough I would like to make them more accessible to the uninitiated. Aegidian wanted to teach people how to programme via Oolite. I wonder if the introduction of both Javascript and of the OXZ format has defeated that ambition.


This might be more than I can cope with!

Humph! Now mostly done!!
  • Links for all names/terms appearing on "GUI" screens


  • Finish Redspear's oxp pages (where he has rejigged everything several times and one can't work out what is what anymore!)

Also swapping roll vs yaw. Could do with an OXP?

  • First Finance First Finance (downloaded 77 times) by Ocz: Beginning the game with a loan to pay off - the loan! (2014)
  • In-System Traders by Spara (2014) adds in-system traders to a system with such stations (eg other planets with stations).
  • Loan Repayment (downloaded 86 times) - the lenders! by Ocz as above (2014)
  • Risky Business.oxz (Phkb's collection below, 2020) aims to make Multi-Gov, Feudal and Anarchy systems more rewarding for traders, by tweaking prices on a few goods. Goods that are already over the average could be increased. Goods that are below the average could be reduced. Not all goods will be impacted at all locations.

WIP pages

  • Unfinished WIP pages (under construction)


  • I think that the MFD in Ship's Library should be free to encourage in-flight use of the Ship's Manual
  • I think there should be a variant of Illegal Goods Tweak focusing more on the ethical than the legal - where you are not stopped by GalCop/Amnesty (as in the Vanilla game) but you can step forwards and free the slaves you bought/picked up.
  • It would be nice to get rid of those ghastly kilometres and use other units of measurement (miles, cavezzi, leagues, plethrons, versts etc).
  • Does the AI recognise me when I return and carry on beating up on a pirate pack?
  • Apropos of Stranger's Roolite essay: some adventures or whatever giving purpose to various worlds. We have "anywhere" missions which fail to mark out places as special (eg. in RRS, Galactic Navy, GalCop Missions, Taxi Galactica, Random Hits... ).

The following call out for drama:

  • Lave (Monument, Lave Academy, the moon, the planet)
  • Tionisla (TOGY)
  • Scandal-ridden Onrira (Obnoxicorp)
  • Larais's industrial orange haze (what lies hidden there?).
  • Tianve (Pulsar)
  • The relationship between Lave and Zadies (both homes to significant bits of GalCop).
  • Xexedi vs Laenin (home of the Comoonin) - and its three chums (Terea, Oresri & Xeoner)
  • Ceesxe vs backwards Lave & Zadies
  • Communist Vetitice & Inonri vs a local system
  • Stuff about some of the more colourful famous planets (eg Aesbion's invasion of Aronar).

Ideally one wants more than a mere mission. Something special which keeps one coming back, and marks out the system as special in some way.

  • Special price for a commodity (New Cargoes - mission involves picking it up and then one returns with more of it)?
  • Special servicing for some piece of equipment, which can only be done there?
  • Something building on phkb's Home System or on Feudal States which gives one a stake on the planet. Politics (... Diplomancy).
  • Romance?

My oxp's

Tweaks to other oxp's



Fascinating threads

Attempts to elicit a response

Other Links

  • Sunless Skies - I came across this on the Pioneer BB. Very suggestive - I do like the interactions while docked and it would be super to have something similar in Oolite. Also to be able to build up the persona of one's in-game avatar in someway.
  • Quote: ... Oolite is not "just a shooter" game. But it would be very interesting someday to see what it could be like if even half of the attention and effort that has gone into the combat related functions was expended on the economic and cultural possibilities Ganelon
  • Inspiration: A man I would be honoured to meet