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Appointment new-flash (courtesy of Cody)

With a deep abiding loathing of grammatical infelicities and typographical misdeeds, Cholmondeley is slowly assaulting the pages of this Wikipedia in an attempt to bring serenity and grammatical glory to its contents.

If you can replace any of my ghastly screenshots with a better, please do so!

Some of the New Wiki pages

  • Torus Drive felt this was very much needed (I spent about a month with Shaky Drive .oxp installed - thanks to Norby's combination packs - and could not work out why I was not flying normally! - scoured the wiki, found nothing). This led to a reworking of the Equipment pages (originally for FFE) and the adding of Standard Equipment and a taster of .oxp equipment to what was previously just standard optional equiment.
  • Expansions Manager born through not finding a guide to what the colours meant - and utter failure to use the x button for extraction.
  • Buttonboxes raising awareness of putative Astrogation Boards!
  • Joysticks and Gamepads‎‎ rehabilitated from an indirect - and with vital information about Precision Flying on it previously buried in the BB, linked to Linux page, Dizzy's page (& the Mac Thrustmaster Harness).
  • Vimana HUD: wanted to raise awareness of an inspiring HUD
  • User:Dybal - wanted to encourage the chap but very worried that I may have trodden on his corns instead!
  • User:Stranger & some of his OXPs: felt need to raise awareness: virtually nothing on wiki
  • Redirect pages for ANA, STE, MTS etc.

Major Edits

  • Adding links & lists of relevant OXPs to Hyperspace/Quirium/Witch Fuel Injectors etc
  • Sorting out the various Rock Hermit (Oolite) pages and their OXPs
  • Sorting out the ghastly Lave & Tionisla messes with lavish linking
  • More links for the Career Options page
  • More links for the Powers and Organisations‎‎ page
  • Tidied up the OXP List‎ page, reducing entry sizes to just the one line on my screen (11 inch?), and sorted out the Ship's Library oxps.
  • Added in gubbins on the History of Oolite
  • Lore: rejigs of The Dark Wheel & Robert Holdstock
  • Links for downloading older versions of Oolite
  • Trying to raise awareness of SOTL and Strangers World.
  • Lots of work on User:Cim with links to the fascinating debates on the development of v1.80 & v.1.82
  • Editing various user pages and then pm-ing the people in a desperate attempt to draw them back. People are important and deserve recognition for the things they do right. I'm fed up with only ever blaming people for things they do wrong.
  • Sorted out the Ascension Sector1/Sori‎‎ mess. Also referenced Ascension in Weapon Laws OXP for those using it.
  • Tried to sort out the muddle with 4/5 different library pages (library.oxp, cim's ship's library, spara's technical library, etc.) by adding a disambiguation section at the top of the most confusing pages: BB beg.
  • Snark was fun.

To do

  • Finish Stranger's oxp pages (almost there!)
  • Do Redspear's oxp pages


  • Alternative Galaxies for Oolite: Galaxy seeds and system properties 2012 thread
  • Quote: ... Oolite is not "just a shooter" game. But it would be very interesting someday to see what it could be like if even half of the attention and effort that has gone into the combat related functions was expended on the economic and cultural possibilities Ganelon
  • Inspiration: A man I would be honoured to meet