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Appointment new-flash (courtesy of Cody)

Cholmondeley (Pronunciation: IPAc-en ˈ tʃ ʌ m l i or CHUM-lee). See Ghoti is pronounced Fish

With a deep abiding loathing of grammatical infelicities and typographical misdeeds, Cholmondeley is slowly assaulting the pages of this Wikipedia in an attempt to bring serenity and grammatical glory to its contents.

If you can replace any of my ghastly screenshots with a better: please, please do so!

I should mention that both Montana05 and Cody have been very helpful in all this. As have Stranger, Redspear, and User2375. If I've forgotten your name, I grovel!

Some of the New Wiki pages


  • Vanilla game
  • Expansions Manager born through not finding a guide to what the colours meant - combined with utter failure to use the x button for extraction.
  • Tutorial to list the various lessons and re-iterate the method of stepping through it
  • Maps
  • Cheating

In-game equipment

  • Torus Drive felt this was very much needed (I spent about a month with Shaky Drive .oxp installed - thanks to Norby's combination packs - and could not work out why I was not flying normally! - scoured the wiki, found nothing). This led to a reworking of the Equipment pages (originally for FFE) and the adding of Standard Equipment to both the page and the template. Also added a taster of .oxp equipment to what was previously just standard optional equipment.
Also added Cargo Hold, Compass, Engine, Life Support Systems, Shields & Ship's Hull. 3 left to do (unless I find others!)

Out-game equipment




Talking about Oolite

Structure of this wiki

  • Redirect pages for ANA, STE, MTS etc. Also for equipment for GalCop Missions which has a wider usage
  • New categories: Lore, Stranger's World, Racing, Classic Elites, Classic Ships
  • Collecting the various Help pages and linking them together with a new head page: How do I ....

Major Edits

Sorting out messes

  • Adding links & lists of relevant OXPs to Hyperspace/Quirium/Witch Fuel Injectors etc
  • Sorting out the various Rock Hermit (Oolite) pages and their OXPs
  • Sorting out the ghastly Lave & Tionisla messes with lashes of lavish linking
  • Sorted out the Ascension - Sector1/Sori‎‎ mess. Also referenced Ascension in Weapon Laws OXP for those using it.
  • Tried to sort out the muddle with 4/5 different library pages (library.oxp, cim's ship's library, spara's technical library, etc.) by adding a disambiguation section at the top of the most confusing pages: BB beg.
  • Tidied up the OXPList‎ page, reducing entry sizes to just the one line on my screen (11 inch?), and sorted out the Ship's Library oxps.
  • Sorted out all but the gnat's link on Complete Ship List
  • Linked all the various Thargoid OXPs together.
  • Linked the various fuel tank OXPs together.
  • Tried to make sense of the Racing pages Zorg Racing, Ring Racer OXP et al.
  • Linking together the disparate pages on systems/planets: the Oolite Planet List family with the Galaxy Guide family with the new pages on The Eight & Maps

People matter

  • Lots of work on User:Cim with links to the fascinating debates on the development of v1.80 & v.1.82
  • Ditto for User:Ahruman
  • Editing various user pages and then pm-ing the people in a desperate attempt to draw them back. People are important and deserve recognition for the things they do right. I'm fed up with only ever blaming people for things they do wrong.
  • In the handful of cases where I've been able to contribute meaningfully to the various Frontier pages, I've done so too.
  • Adding in a little historical context and links to the Realistic Shipyards page
  • Listed Cody's fiction

Unearthing treasures

  • Trying to raise awareness of SOTL and Strangers World, so bunged in links right, left and centre!
  • Ditto with User:Redspear's work
  • Links for downloading older versions of Oolite
  • Snark was fun. Montana05 was very helpful.


Help pages

  • Links for the various Help pages (some of which have hopefully been thus rescued from utter obscurity)
  • Fleshed out Milkrun with sample routes and maps - also Short Range Chart‎
  • More links for the Career Options page

To do

  • Finish Stranger's oxp pages (almost there!)
  • Finish Redspear's oxp pages (where he has rejigged everything several times and one can't work out what is what anymore!)
  • Go over ship's basic equipment pages with new pages for installed stuff (like the Torus Drive) and with links to relevant .oxp's (almost done)

Broken '\': how to solve that?: 3 devs on keyboard issues (2009) Also swapping roll vs yaw. Could do with an OXP?