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First sat in Cobra MK III in 1994 on the zx80, since Elite lives in my heart. Then there were versions for PC, then Frontier, FFE, Privateer, Terminus, X-Tension series and others ... but zx80 emulator with that first Elite not forgotten ;)

Second passion of my life - computers and programming, currently I'm lead programmer in one of the projects of a major IT campaign.

When I discovered the Oolite, I realized - this is the world where I can try to implement all things that I miss in the Elite. I am very proud that has already made a tiny contribution to the development of Oolite and my name appeared in contributors.txt



  • Targeter - allows to automatically aquire targets in the categories: hostile/outlaw, neutral, cargoes.
  • Duplex Fuel Tank - additional fuel tank refillable from main tank (for example, after skiming).


  • Cargo Scanner - this equipment uses a special scan to find out the content of the cargo containers.
    (original idea and implementation - Okti)

Source code

You can find source code at github

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