Refugee Adder

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Refugee Adder "Xpt"
Size (W×H×L) 30m×8m×115m
Cargo capacity 15 TC
Cargo bay extension
Maximum speed 0.175 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 0.9
Pitch: 0.5
Energy banks 1
Energy recharge rate
Gun mounts Fore
Missile slots
Shield boosters available N/A
Military shields available N/A
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player No
Base price


The usual inhospitable welcome

Seeing an Xpt (pron. expat) Refugee Adder in space, reminds a commander of Cosmos' most grim destinies. Not often alone, but in groups, flocks of unfortunates and other fugitives to whom the ship represents last hope and desperate dream of freedom, but usually unaware of how extremely bleak the chances are of ever reaching the destination. Cynics may refer to them as 'transients' due to their short life expectancy.


After "The Inus Miracle", when Ib Martin successfully rescued himself and 68 fellow victims of cruel prosecution in a secretly modified Adder to reach safety on Aleusqu, whispered news of hope began spreading at hyperspeed. The schematics of Martin's Xpt modifications became public, and not long after, the first recorded spate of refugees took flight. Scores of the supressed and poverty-stricken grabbed the chance to find better lives, and initially a large number succeeded.

At first GalCop were slow to react, but gradually, as pressure from the wealth lobby increased, they took to a substantially more firm line of action. When it finally became evident that Xpts had become a favourite camouflage of slave-traders, the Reprobate Act was passed, and police were given orders to shoot Xpts upon sight. Tragically, this has done little to deter new waves of uninformed, desperate refugees.


The Martin Xpt modifications are possible to implement at enthusiast mechanic level, although there have been deadly accidents with Xpts before they ever got off the ground. The hull is extended theefold, and the engine is moved and reshaped into a spinning drive, simply called the Martin, which manages to produce enough power for planetary exit with the added weight, and maintain witchjump capability as long as the workmanship is solid. Often it isn't, as the second most common Xpt fatality is hull shredding upon entering Witchspace.

The space expansion raises the potential passenger and cargo capacity a great deal, comfortably fitting 70 humanoids. The highest recorded number of passengers, is 128, but those were undoubtedly inhumane conditions.


The slave trade caught on early to the vast number of convoys that suddenly were common in space, overwhelming authorities. Both big crime and small-time peddlers took to the trend of shipping slaves by cover of the immigrants, and found no reason to change strategy until the Reprobate Act came into effect. Since, only truly desperate slave-traders choose to do their business in an Xpt.