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(Moonscape and Astronaut images:- NASA)


Commander Smivs

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away a young Cucurbitan known simply as Smivs cut his teeth in a Cobra spacecraft trading goods and collecting bounties to earn an honest crust. He enjoyed this life for just a few brief years before mysteriously disappearing, it seemed forever.
No one knew what had happened or where he had gone, but rumours were that his ship's C64 flight computer had failed on a mission leaving him stranded at the back end of nowhere.
And then, some twenty five years later he miraculously returned, older and wiser but penniless. Starting with a lowly Cobra Mk I he set about cleaning up the Ooniverse and doing a nice bit of trade on the side. He slowly built up some funds which allowed him eventually to upgrade to a Python, and then after a while to a Boa Class Cruiser, until today when you will find him flying the Iron-Ass Boa II Clipper Bilbo Maru.
People sometimes ask Commander Smivs where he had been, what he had seen and done in the intervening years, but they never get an answer. The mystery, the enigma will most likely never be explained. All we know is that the young seed has grown into a Gourd of distinction, and he now strides the Ooniverse like a Colossus, banishing evil, acting as a force for good, and generally making loads of money and having a damn good time.


Bilbo Maru

The Bilbo Maru is a Boa II Clipper Class, bought new from the Gerege Federation Space Works by Commander Smivs to replace the Nemesis a veteran Boa Class Cruiser which after many years of sterling service was starting to get a bit tired.

She is very well equipped, and is a true 'Iron Ass'. As well as the standard Fuel Scoops, Heat Shielding and supplementary external Fuel Tanks the following equipment has been fitted.
Factory Fitted:-
Escape Capsule, 4 x Military Lasers, ECM, Naval Energy Unit, Docking Computers, Fuel Injectors, Advanced Space Compass, Scanner Targeting Enhancemant, Multi-targeting System, Target System Memory Expansion, Advanced Navigational Array, Shield Boosters, Military Shield Enhancement.

Carried over from previous ship:-
Cloaking Device.

Wormhole Scanner, Rock Hermit Locator, Beer Cooler, 5 x ECM Hardened Missiles, Galactic Hyperdrive.

Unlike many of the Cucurbita people, Commander Smivs has a fondness for animals, and he has added an image of Bilbo his pet Cat (a type of small furry carnivore from planet Earth) after who the ship was named, to the vessel's sides.

Total cost of purchase and fitting-out was 748 210 Cr.

Smivs' OXZs

All of these are available via the Expansions Manager, and are ready for Oolite v1.82.

Three Compilation metapackages are available, which allow a group of OXZs to be downloaded by the manager automatically.
1) 'The Classic Ooniverse' (downloaded 1398 times) contains those marked with a star (*) for a classy, retro, Elite-style Ooniverse.
2) 'Enigmas' (downloaded 1857 times) adds Wonders and Curiosities to your Ooniverse. These OXZs are marked with a (^).
3) 'Smivs Industries' (downloaded 1327 times) adds three equipment items. These OXZs are marked with (*^).

Aliens v1.2^ (OXZ Downloaded 4951 times) This OXP adds mysterious and unknown Alien ships to the Ooniverse. There are three varieties, and they will only appear rarely.
Better Buoys v1.3* (OXZ Downloaded 10672 times) Adds improved graphics for the in-game Navigation and Witchpoint Beacons.
Better Screens v1.2.1 (OXZ Downloaded 6033 times) A subtle cosmetic update to the in-game GUI screens. Bored with black, then this is for you.
BattleDamage v1.3 (OXZ Downloaded 2243 times) Simulates combat battle damage to the players ship for added immersion.
Clippers v1.4.3* (OXZ Downloaded 3090 times) Long-legged variants of the Python and Boa Class Cruiser - faster but with less cargo space. Player buyable and NPC.
CombatHUD v4.1 (OXZ Downloaded 3114 times) A clear and well-laid-out HUD optimised for combat situations with Red Alert mode. Features two MFDs.
CombatHUD-WS v4.1 (OXZ Downloaded 3064 times) A clear and well-laid-out widescreen HUD optimised for combat situations with Red Alert mode. Features two MFDs.
Contractor MkII v1.6* (OXZ Downloaded 3188 times) Awesome super-fast Bounty-Hunter/Hitman stealth ship. Player buyable and NPC.
Cup of Tea v1.2*^ (OXZ Downloaded 2340 times) Buy an express tea maker. Makes a lovely cup of tea in just 15 seconds.
Delightful Docking v1.1 (OXZ Downloaded 11746 times) Improves the docking experience with better views when queueing and orchestral music.
ExtraFuelTanks v1.7*^ (OXZ Downloaded 3245 times) Refillable internal reserve and auxiliary fuel tanks.
GalDrivePod v1.4*^: (OXZ Downloaded 3040 times) A portable Galactic Hyperdrive unit. This OXP allows you to do the "Lost Worlds Grand Tour", and safely visit Oresrati.
Giant Space Pizza v3.1^ (OXZ Downloaded 2773 times) Adds giant Space Pizzas with visitor centres and safety stewards to a few selected systems around the Eight.
retroRefit_v1.0.oxz (OXZ Downloaded 392 times) Replaces the current default ships with the old style models and textures. Available via the Wiki.
SmartHUD v1.0 (OXZ Downloaded 2406 times) A clear and logical, fully featured HUD. No gimmicks, just great to use.
SmartHUD-WS v1.0 (OXZ Downloaded 2864 times) A clear and logical, fully featured widescreen HUD. No gimmicks, just great to use.
Star-Jelly v3.0^ (OXZ Downloaded 4439 times) Beautiful but mysterious translucent creatures often found in asteroid fields.
Teretrurus Mk.I v3.0 (OXZ Downloaded 979 times) An update of Dr Nil's Teretrurus OXP. Two brash, colourful versions of a 'chopped' Cobra. Player and NPC.
The Classic Mussurana v1.2 (OXZ Downloaded 1353 times) Remake of Aegidian's beautiful Mussurana Void-yacht.
The Classic Ships(Addition)_v1.4 (OXZ Downloaded 601 times) Adds modern re-imaginings of the classic Elite-style ships to the default set.
The Classic Ships(Replace)_v1.4* (OXZ Downloaded 729 times) Replaces the default ships with modern re-imaginings of the classic Elite-style ships.
The Classic Shipyard v1.0* (OXZ Downloaded 1243 times) Allows players to buy ships with any of the textures featured in the main OXZ.
The Classic SuperPythons v1.0 (OXZ Downloaded 1331 times) Remakes of Aegidian's Python Class Cruiser and Python Eunectes Turbo.
The Classic Variety Pack_v1.1* (OXZ Downloaded 1948 times) Adds 20 extra textures to The Classic Ships expansions.
The Classic X-ships (OXZ Downloaded 1521 times) A graphics update to some of Aegidian's OXP ships. Asp-X, Cobra2-X and Sidewinder-X.
YellOoCabs v2.5* (OXZ Downloaded 2507 times) Adds YellOo Cab taxis to the Ooniverse. Player buyable and NPC.

Not yet converted to OXZ

TOGY Memorials A small OXP which adds gold 'Starbird' memorials to deceased Commanders into the Tionisla Orbital Graveyard. Converted to OXZ, but awaiting 'Mother' OXP's conversion before release.
Xeptatl's_Sword: An epic mission taking you twice round the 'Eight' to thwart the Thargoids' invasion plans. Currently undergoing a major update for Oolite v1.82.

Collaborative OXPs

Liners (Available as OXZ) A collaboration with Thargoid, P A Groove, ADCK and Griff to add huge liners to the spaceways.
Chopped_Cobra A collaboration with Staer 9. Beautiful 'chopped' versions of the Cobra Mk III. Updated and converted to OXZ by Amah, and available via the Expansion Manager. The original version is available from Smivsonline.

Back catalogue

OXPs which are not scheduled to be converted to OXZ for Oolite v1.80. These are no longer supported or maintained, but will remain available as OXPs for now.

Accessories OXP: A beautiful re-texture set of all the non-ship stations and objects, with non-shader lighting effects.
Cloak Repair: Allows a damaged Cloaking Device to be repaired at TL15 Worlds.
JellyBaby Dispenser: Adds a handy JellyBaby Dispenser to your ship's cockpit.
ToughGuys: Adds random upgrades to NPC equipment, weapons and pilot skill to make life tougher for experienced Commanders.
Smivs' ShipSet A revolutionary re-texture set of all the core Oolite ships, with some awesome graphic and visual special effects.
WonderWorm 'Time Raiders' arrive from the 39th Century to plunder the past, and sometimes one of their uber-ships can be found for sale.

New OXP authors might also find my Texture Tutorial useful.

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