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Leesti from the Original Famous Planets - now in Povray Planets
Leesti from Stranger's Famous Planets Overhaul

Updates the system descriptions on the F7 screen to more interesting ones.

See the main article on Famous Planets OXP for further details.

Note that while only the pages beneath are linked here, there are other systems altered in the OXP (including some from Galaxies 5, 7 & 8)


The original Famous Planets OXP added textures, description and music to 10 systems in Galaxy 1 (Lave, Leesti, Diso, Reorte, Zaonce, Tionisla, Isinor, Tianve, Teraed & Lerelace).

Over time, the number of systems was greatly expanded. There were also supplementary oxps - such as the Famous Planet Liners which added liners running along the main spaceways.

But the textures were eventually removed and added into the PovrayPlanets OXP which covered the entire 8 galaxies, not just the more famous planets. The music was extracted for future improvements, and inclusion into the Hyperradio project.

Famous Planets Overhaul (FPO)

Stranger then reworked one of the older versions of this, with much improved textures and some different planetary descriptions - and with the original music too! See Famous Planets Overhaul (FPO) for more detail. It contains 5 oxps. These seem to work well with both the Povray Planets textures (which end up being used for the main planets in the non-FPO systems) and with his Planetary Systems texture packs (which end up being used for just the additional planets in the solar systems).


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