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Missions are from OXPs unless indicated otherwise.




Other Requirements


Constrictor Hunt (Native) G1, G2 256 There is a FAQ available.
Thargoid Plans (Native) G3 1281 Finished Constrictor Hunt
Nova (Native) G4 Galactic Hyperdrive
Cloaking Device (Native) G5
Trumbles (Native) any Balance of 6553.5 Cr or more
Assassins Guild G7 200 21 missions involving murder to order. Progress depends on your Elite and Guild Ratings. Also see Victim 11
Aquatics - The Kraken IV G3 Good standing with the Corporation A mission based out of the Aquarian Shipbuilding Corp. HQ in the Aqualina system.
Asteroid Storm G1 64 A station comes under threat from a large asteroid strike. Begins when docked in Leesti.
Bank of the Black Monks any Deal with the loan sharks. Begins when docked at any Black Monk Monastary.
Blackjack's Bullion G2 Starts at Telace as Commander Blackjack arrives via escape pod.
Cataclysm G1 5200 Finished Constrictor Hunt and Thargoid Plans Sends you on a mission far bigger than anything you have done for the Navy so far.
Coyote's Run G5 Cloaking Device The mission will commence when the player jumps into Laquused in G5, with a Cloaking Device.
Curse of the Black Sunspot G3 512 Sometimes pirates are more than they seem
Deposed G4 1700 A series of missions connected by a plot. Triggers the Nova mission if you haven't finished it yet.
Escort Contracts OXP any any Clean legal status Allow players to enter into short-term escort contracts with NPC lone wolf traders.
Galactic Navy any 128 The Galactic Navy needs you. Begins when docked at any SecCom Station.
Galactic Navy Spec Ops G6 128 Finished 10 Reserve Sorties Begins when docked at any SecCom Station. There is a walkthrough available if you need hints.
Illegal Goods Tweak OXP any any Released slaves to customs. Short reward missions offered by rescued ex-slaves.
Ionics G2 A series of missions featuring the Ionics Company of Zaria. Begins at Zaria.
Iron Raven G8 Multi-stage mission to investigate a dangerous conspiracy on behalf of GalCop High Command.
Lave Academy G1 Training missions.
LinkG7 G7 Find a way across the great rift.
Localhero G1-G5 50 Must be lawful Support the local police to find, destroy and capture ex-general Harkov and his group.
Long Way Around G1 A transport mission well suited to the novice in Galaxy 1. Begins at Biarge.
Lost Worlds Grand Tour G6 N/A GalDrivePod A tour of the Lost Worlds in Galaxy 7, and then to Oresrati in G8. Tour ends back in G1.
Love Cats G4 Finished Constrictor Hunt Begins when docked.
Military Fiasco any 1000 Must be lawful A mission for the Navy available to a Commander with more than 1,000 kills.
Oo-haul Escort Missions any 32 Good standing with Oo-Haul corp. Escort a hauler safely to its destination. Must be docked at a Constore. Your Ad Here! required.
Random Hits any 32 Get contracts for bounty hunting at any Seedy Space Bar. Special Missions for successful hunters.
Rescue Stations any Rescue and recovery missions for contract pilots.
Resistance Commander G5 1000 Ship with at least 6 missile pylons Engage in a long campaign against the Biesmaan Dictatorship and command a small squadron.
Scourge of the Black Baron G1 151 A sequel to the Long Way Around, featuring combat and transport missions. Begins at Teesdi.
Spy Hunter G1 512 A mission for the Galactic Navy. Starts at Inines.
Stealth G3 Small mission to showcase the new scanner capabilities of 1.74 and to introduce stealth ships.
Taranis G1 128 Must be clean Begins at Taranis Corporation HQ, Lerelace.
The Collector G1 Find the rich man and do the jobs he offer.
Thargoid Wars G2-G8 War with the Thargoids intensifies featuring new attack and defense missions.
Tionisla Reporter G1 A small mission for the Tionisla Chronicle.
Trident Down G4 512 Investigate a vicious attack on an Trident Shuttle operated by Executive SpaceWays.
UPS Courier Company any Take goods or documents from system to system and be awarded with combat missions.
Vector any 150 300 kills for the background story Special feature - 'Richmans World' - a unusual mission type. Snoopers required.
To Catch A Thargoid G3 1500 Finished Thargoid Plans The Bugs are back - follow-up mission to Thargoid Plans. May be offered while docking.
Victim 11 G7 Finished Assassins Guild A follow-up mission to Assassins Guild that picks up some loose ends.
Xeptatl's Sword G5 None A mission taking you around the 'Eight' twice in a bid to thwart the Thargoids evil plans.