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This is a little mission OXP set in Galaxy 3, designed to showcase what can be done in Oolite v1.74 with scanner lollipop colours and the creation of stealth ships which do not appear (in this case programmed to only be visible when they are attacking prey).

A squadron of six experimental stealth Barracuda fighters have been stolen by a pirate gang and are preying on innocent traders. The navy needs someone to take care of business and take them out, and your name's in the frame. To kick off the mission, fly to the main station in the Beenbeor system.


For those who wish to replay the mission after trying it (either to repeat it, or if it was failed) then Stealth Reset OXP should be temporarily installed along with Stealth OXP itself. This will trigger a mission screen with the option to reset the mission variables.

See the readme in the OXP for more details. Once the reset has been completed successfully, the game should be saved and the reset OXP removed.


This OXP requires at least version 1.76 of Oolite.


Stealth v1.05 can be downloaded from Box.Net by clicking on the link.