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Logo64 Democracy.png Tionisla Logo64 AverageIndustrial.png
Logo TL12.png
GalCat ID: 1:124
Location: 38,193 in the medium eight o'clock direction of GalSector 1
Government: Democracy
Economy: Average Industrial
Technology Level: 12
Population: 5.2 Billion
Productivity: 37440 MCr
Planet Radius: 4646km
Location of Tionisla in Sector 1
This world is very notable for its inhabitants' ingrained shyness.
Old Galactic Catalogue Entry for 1:124 (Tionisla)

Witchspace Routes

There are 6 direct Witchspace Routes from/to Tionisla:

Destination Distance Gov. Eco. TL Pop. Prod
Xeesle 6.8 LY 1Logo64 Feudal.png 3Logo64 MainlyIndustrial.png 07Logo TL7s.png 2.9 Bln. 0081208120 MCr
Zaonce 2.4 LY 7Logo64 CorporateState.png 1Logo64 AverageIndustrial.png 12Logo TL12s.png 5.3 Bln. 04197641976 MCr
Isinor 3.6 LY 5Logo64 Confederacy.png 7Logo64 PoorAgricultural.png 07Logo TL7s.png 3.7 Bln. 0079927992 MCr
Bemaera 4.4 LY 2Logo64 MultiGovernment.png 6Logo64 AverageAgricultural.png 04Logo TL4s.png 2.1 Bln. 0040324032 MCr
Zaalela 6.0 LY 1Logo64 Feudal.png 6Logo64 AverageAgricultural.png 05Logo TL5s.png 2.4 Bln. 0038403840 MCr
Qutiri 4.0 LY 2Logo64 MultiGovernment.png 0Logo64 RichIndustrial.png 09Logo TL9s.png 3.5 Bln. 01680016800 MCr


Item Price Quantity Avail-
Min Avg Max Min Avg Max
Food 6.8 7.0 7.2 8 8.5 9 100.0%
Textiles 7.6 8.1 8.8 11 12.5 14 100.0%
Radioactives 24.8 26.2 27.6 5 8.5 12 100.0%
Slaves 14.0 20.2 26.4 0 3.5 6 18.7%
Liquor/Wines 31.2 34.1 37.2 0 8.0 15 93.7%
Luxuries 81.6 82.1 82.8 46 47.5 49 100.0%
Narcotics 3.2 27.2 51.2 0 26.3 59 81.2%
Computers 67.2 67.8 68.4 42 43.5 45 100.0%
Machinery 49.2 50.6 52.0 34 37.5 41 100.0%
Alloys 31.6 37.8 44.0 16 31.5 47 100.0%
Firearms 54.8 56.2 57.6 16 19.5 23 100.0% antique Tionislan hunting crossbows
Furs 66.8 79.3 92.0 0 18.5 36 56.2%
Minerals 12.4 12.9 13.6 54 55.5 57 100.0%
Gold 38.4 39.7 41.2 3 6.5 10 100.0%
Platinum 67.6 73.8 80.0 0 23.2 63 96.8%
Gem-Stones 17.6 20.6 23.6 0 5.5 10 62.5%
Alien Items 27.2 28.6 30.0 0 0.0 0 0.0%
Average prices are based on long-term established averages (the so-called arithmetic mean). The average quantity is based only on quantity values greater zero. Availability gives a percentage whether a good is available in this system. Please note that these are statistical data. GalCop regulations expressively forbids the broadcasting of actual prices beyond the current system.


Tionisla Orbital Graveyard

A view on the Graveyard

As described in the novella The Dark Wheel, the Tionisla system features a unique installation: the Tionisla Orbital Graveyard.

In this system, numerous tombs of famous and probably rich spacers, many of them with the ships attached to the ex-owners mausoleum, float in a shimmering disk around a Dodecahedron class space station, the home of the Cemetery Authorities.

Tionisla Chronicle Array

The Tionisla Chronicle Array - the communications satellite for the Tionisla Chronicle - was mentioned in Drew Wagar's novels. This oxp recreates it on the dark side of the main planet.

Famous Planets

Tionisla (Animation).gif

Tionisla is well known in the region. In the past it was the scene of some of the most massive battles the galaxy has ever seen. The result? The huge Tionisla Orbital Graveyard, now the final resting place of the super-rich and famous. Due to their ingrained shyness all Tionislans wear masks in public, their heads completely encased in baroque constructions. If you like good company, noise, fun, excitement - go elsewhere. (Famous Planets OXP)

Galactic Navy

Sector1 Navy Sector Command 3 SmallNavySectorMap.png

This system falls under the responsibility of the Navy Command Station 3 in Isinor. (Galactic Navy OXP)

Tionisla Reporter

Tionisla Reporter is a starting mission for a new player

Tionisla is Mars

A new oxz by Another_Commander using the improved graphics available since Oolite v.1.88: see Tionisla Is Mars 8k


There are plenty of legends about Tionisla space station's orbit being boosted several hundred kilometers by a careless Hognose pilot, although the Tionisla authorities deny the event ever occurred.

The Dark Wheel

The Dark Wheel is a novella by Robert Holdstock. It was included with the original game Elite. The novella tells us about Tionisla:

The best way to see the wreckplace at Tionisla is to approach it from the Sun (a reasonably safe thing to do since Tionisla, being a Democracy has few pirates in its system). Tionisla itself is a bright yellow world, and the cemetery is always between the planet and its star. As you fly close, the whole strange graveyard seems to be expanding from the circle of the world behind.

The first thing you see is a shimmering, silver disc, a double spiral of tiny bright points. It slowly turns: it's a galaxy in miniature, with the same intense blur of light at its centre, because here is where the biggest tombs are to be found.

Come closer and soon you can see that the stars in this galaxy are markers, great lumps of metal, heavily inscribed with the words and symbols of a thousand religions. The cemetery is a bizarre and moving sight. The markers are rarely less than a thousand feet across. There are chrome-alloy crosses, titanium Stars of David, duralium henges, and all the strange symbolic shapes of the worlds, and the minds and the faiths that have come to die in this Star traveller's special place.

(The Dark Wheel, Chapter 3)

Status Quo

Tionisla was a funny old world. In the old days it had won the Krik-Adams award for the ‘Dullest Night Sky in the Entire Galaxy’ due to its position near a dark dusty nebula which blotted out most of the stars. Offended, the Tionislans had invested in all sorts of projects aimed at making their night sky more interesting. The most famous was the now legendary orbital cemetery, though it was nowadays between the planet and the sun and no longer visible at night except at dawn and dusk. Apparently sensitive religious feelings were at odds with the thought of thousands of dead people looking down from above during the night. The government had invited huge orbital ship contractors and anyone with the requirement for a big rig to build there and now the night sky was full of blinking flashing shapes. One of the biggest was the Tionisla Chronicle Array, a huge transmitter now moored directly opposite the cemetery, permanently eclipsed from the sun in complete radio silence, serving newsfeeds across the galaxy. Twice the diameter of a Torus station, but not rotating, it looked like a small moon from the surface.
(Status Quo, Chapter 5)

Drew Wagar invented the galactic news source Tionisla Chronicle in his novella Status Quo.

“… Unofficial reports of Thargoid craft in Galcop system space continue to increase. Sources close to the Galactic trading guild have reported that horrifying numbers of independent trading ships are going missing in various sectors and claim Galcop are losing control of the situation. We tried to get an interview with Galcop but were told a Galcop representative was not available for comment. Is a major Thargoid invasion imminent? Truth is, we don’t know. This is Anna Mereso, for the Tionisla Chronicle, Wideband channel three-eight-five-point-two…”
(Status Quo, Chapter 2)

Rough Guide


The Rough Guide to the Ooniverse has an entry on Tionisla.

... The main shuttle drop is at Aa, on the eastern continent. On arrival you’ll be issued with your Alien Permit and a mask of your choice. All Tionislans wear masks in public, their heads completely encased in these baroque constructions. Each one is unique, crafted to the owner’s particular specifications, and each is capable of a staggering variety of mechanical transformations, controlled by movements of the jaw, neck and tongue, to express those emotions the wearer wishes to make public. The reptilian citizens of Tionisla are an intensely private people, and guard their true feelings closely. Someone’s mask might be swivelling its eyeballs in jovial good humour, while secretly its wearer’s wattles could be turning blue with rage – although, because of the conscious effort required to puppeteer a mask, Tionislans tend toward introspection and are not generally prone to emotional extremes. At least, not as far as I know.

Your own mask will come with instructions for a limited repertoire of conventional manoeuvres: polite enquiry; polite acceptance; polite refusal. It’s best not to experiment with the controls, really, unless you don’t mind walking around unconsciously announcing philosophical mirth, or furious appreciation for the warmth of your accommodation, or reproductive readiness tinged with melancholy for the demise of a distant but respected relative. Mask-management is a skill you could spend a lifetime trying to master...

Excerpt from "Rough Guide to the Ooniverse: Tionisla"

Dragon OXP

The Dragon was originally designed by Pteradyne Tech, Aerospace Division for the Galactic Navy to serve in a niche role, somewhere between heavy strike fighter and light bomber, and as close-cover escort for heavy bombers and logistics details. However, due to more and more high performance attack craft and military grade kit being released on the civilian market and landing in the hands of aggressive outlaws, Pteradyne licenced Sirrane Starworks of Tionisla to begin limited production of a civilian version marketed to the bounty hunter community, to be sold only with proper background checks.

Nonetheless, a few Dragons have been reported stolen off the showroom floors. (Not to mention dealers that may be a little crooked and got paid extra to let the ships go sans security checks.) Though lacking the armor, enhanced performance, and exclusive military technology of the Naval version, the civilian models are reliable, rugged, and formidable ships, and with a skilled crew, is able to survive duels in the most lawless of anarchy systems.

The Traders Almanach

If there is not much room left in your ship, this is my advice to you: Best would be to buy computers or luxuries and transport them to Isinor. They give you about 33 Creds plus for every ton. On another thought, the computers can also be sold well enough in Bemaera or Zaalela. Of lately, there have been piracy reports from Zaalela. You just cannot mistake the Tionisla system for any other. For one, there is the giant 'Tionisla Graveyard', and then there is the vast transmitter array of the 'Tionisla Chronicle'.
(Excerpt from: The Traders Almanach entry for 1:124)