Hathor Trade Station

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Hathor Trade Station
Hathor Trade Station.png
Size (metres, W×H×L) 5889 x 6961 x 3881
Manoeuvrability Roll: 2.0
Pitch: 1.0
Rotating No?
Energy recharge rate Good
Armaments None
Defenders Vampire defenders
OXP or standard Standard
Beacon N
Hathor docking bay with scrolling green message at end

One of Killer Wolf's elegant 2022 additions to Oolite's Dockables collection.


Continuing on from the success of the Sothis and Nuit stations, Isis Interstellar further cemented their position in the upper echelon of stellar constructors a few years later with the production of the Hathor Tradestation.

For several years, traders had been complaining about prices and availability of products at the main GalCop stations. Being the only trade point for a system, demand was high and prices often matched, leaving a very slim profit margin for many, especially new traders or those independent pilots w/out large contracts. To this end, several businesses began trading from large dockable ships and sometimes asteroid bases, setting up independent markets that could cater to bulk haulers, casual traders and even hard up pilots trying to make a living but unable to afford the prices at main stations.

The Hathor was designed as a wholesaler - dealing with bulk traders for supply they stocked plenty and were able to keep prices low, ensuring a steady stream of traffic. The stations also provided simple but cheap hotel rooms for pilots wishing to leave their ships but unable to afford accommodation on the main stations. The restaurants on a Hathor are also cheap, attracting many pilots who come just to eat rather than trade, income that helps support the station. Although the range of goods at a Hathor is not as broad as a main station, this is not their point : they deal mainly in staples and essentials, which is exactly where a lot of pilots make their living.

Hathors are becoming more widespread, and often a system has bought one itself to encourage trade with the main planets. Solid, safe, well equipped and self-sufficient, the Hathors are situated near the system's sun, using their huge solar arrays to provide free power.


As with all Killer Wolf's oxp's, this is not a simple matter! See License for more detail.


  • Killer Wolf's Original Nephthys (half of his 2013 "Stations" download): Box
Killer Wolf returned in 2022 after having been driven away a decade ago by the friendliest BB this side of Riedquat with a gift of two stations he'd created at the time. This is one of them.


A MasterClass in tweaking Hathor begins here and runs on for several pages. It focuses on tweaking where Hathors appear (to 15 systems in G1: Anbeen, Biisza, Ceedra, Celabile, Edorte, Edreor, Engema, Leoned, Ququor, Rarere, Rizala, Teveri, Tibionis, Veale, Xeer), and then moves on to tweaking their markets.