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Famous Planets
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Version 2.7
History 2013-23-02
Stations No
Ships No
Missions No
Equipment No
Alternative HUD
Sound Set
Category Ambience OXPs
Author Pagroove

This OXP adds descriptive texts to the F7 screen. These expand on the original descriptions and include elements from Oolite fiction. This OXP works in tandem with the Povray Planets set that you can read all about in this thread. If you have the Povray planets set then you also SEE the original textures. This new version no longer includes the 40-odd textures (but Povray has 256 individual textures for every main planet in the galaxy!).

I hope you have fun with it. I'm glad it's released.

Note: this does not include any changes to the Vanilla game description of Lave (see Lave OXP for that).


  • The unique planetary textures for 89 planets throughout Galaxy 1 and Galaxy 2 are now in the Povray Planets OXP. To see the textures you need the Povray Sets also (see below).
  • More Planet descriptions for the F7 screen than in v 2.5. Also some famous places in other galaxies get some text (especially Galaxy 7). Many descriptions are true to the described planets in Drew Wagar's novellas Status Quo and Mutabilis. Others are short extracts from the excellent Rough Guide by Disembodied that can be found on the wiki. Further descriptions were contributed by many others (see credits).

Example of a Famous Planets description on the F7 screen

Changes from older versions

  • Textures: The textures themselves are not in this oxp anymore. Those textures are now in the Povray Planets OXP (it makes the updating process easier if one need not download massive texture files as well when only the textual descriptions have been tweaked!). To see the textures you need the Povray Sets also.
  • Music: The music packs have also been taken out of the 2009 version of this oxp (10 tunes for the first 10 famous planets - Diso, Isinor, Lave, Leesti, Lerelace, Reorte, Teraed, Tianve, Tionisla & Zaonce - and a general Oolite tune). I want to make some new music and/or make a hyperradio station pack for the Hyperradio OXP by Svengali.

Povray Planets OXPs

Download the original textures from here. One set for each galaxy. Note that there are two different renderings of the first galaxy, this link only gives the later version which is a different vintage from the other seven galaxies.

Famous Planets Liners OXP

This is still available here: Famous Planets Liners add-on OXP. This is not the same as the Liners oxp - Famous Planets Liners runs liners along the four trade routes in Galaxy 1.


  • Latest version needs Oolite v1.77
  • No dependencies.


  • Downloadable through the in-game Expansions Manager.
  • Or download in OXZ format here for Oolite 1.79 or later (downloaded 7691 times).
  • Download and install the Povray sets if you also want to see the Famous Planets (rather than just read about them!).


  • Ideas and 'Famous' planets by: P.A. Groove
  • Additional planets: Cmd. Cheyd, Stromboli, Pangloss, Capt Kev
  • Special credits: Submersible. For integrating the Famous Planets OXP into the excellent Povray Planets OXP and seeding the eight galaxies with excellent textures for all 2048 planets. Wow!
  • Planetary descriptions by: P.A. Groove, Drew Wagar, Fatleaf, Cody, Disembodied
  • Proof reading planetary text and/or manual: Cody, Disembodied (Galaxy 1), Cim, UK Eliter, Allikat, Drew Wagar (Galaxy 2), Snork
  • Coding/testing and compiling: Submersible, Thargoid, Cmd. Cheyd, Svengali, Lestradae, UK Eliter'


Adding depth to planets started with Murgh's Lave OXP & Diso OXP. Tianve OXP then followed with its Pulsar. There was also the Rough Guide providing a bit more lore for other planets.

PAGroove's Famous Planets was a massive attempt to add colour to every planet in the Galaxy, starting with his initial 10 and then expanding along Trade Route 1 to Tianve, to number around 40. He then added another 40 in Galaxy 2. By this stage, Famous Planets was a monster - over 300Mb, in the early days when it took yonks to download! Submersible then started his Povray Planets which provided high-res textures for every main planet in Galaxy 1 (and, eventually the other 7 galaxies too). PAGroove's Famous Planets textures were added to Povray, and this made the new OXP smaller, especially when the music was removed. This is what is now on the Expansions Manager.

User:Stranger has since produced his Famous Planets Overhaul (FPO) oxp's. They add another 100-odd textures for galaxies 1 & 2 and are massive. They also contain the original music. Also see FPO Lave & FPO Zaonce - which are in the Expansions Manager.

Stranger is allegedly adding to his FPO. There is also the new alpha version of Life in the Frontier which should include some of the Famous Planets F7 screen descriptions in the on-station experience (Disembark and meet a feline from a sky-city in Zarece, for example)!



Gameplay and Balance Indicator


This oxp merely adds ambience and does not affect game play.

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