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List of in-flight key combinations

This the method that OXPs used to create an interface before Oolite allowed access to the docked F4 screen (Oolite v.1.80?) and the mode (b) key was introduced for primed equipment.

These are no longer applicable for the OXP versions found on the in-game Expansions Manager.

   F5: Commander's Profile (GUI_SCREEN_STATUS)
   F5-F5: Ship's Manifest (GUI_SCREEN_MANIFEST)
       F5-F8: APRIL content view
       F5-F5-F5: List Visas (WIP Phantorgorth's Visas OXP)
       F5-F5-F6: Flight Log OXP
       F5-F5-F7: In-flight trophy log (from Trophy Collector)
       F5-F5-F8: HyperCargo OXP (compatible with Vortex multibay)
       F5-F5-F8: Vortex multibay (compatible with HyperCargo)
   F6-F6: Galactic Chart (GUI_SCREEN_LONG_RANGE_CHART)
       F6-F6-F5: Long Range Scanner
       F6-F6-F5: Galaxy Info
       F6-F6-F6: Galactic Hyperdrive OXP
   F7: Data On Planet (GUI_SCREEN_SYSTEM_DATA)
       F7-F6-F7: Long Range Scanner (WIP GGIndustries OXP)
   F8: Commodities Market (GUI_SCREEN_MARKET)
   F8-F8: (Commodity "item" Information)

List of landed planet-side key-combinations

       F3-F7	Port view (Strangers World: Roolite's PlanetLand)
       F4-F7	Port terminal view (Strangers World: Roolite's PlanetLand)
       F5-F7	Planet/moon landscape (Strangers World: Roolite's PlanetLand)
       F8-F7	City/station view (Strangers World: Roolite's PlanetLand)

Sources: GGShinobi (2013), Roolite