Long Range Scanner

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Long Range Scanner OXP
Long Range Scanner (Okti).png
Name Long Range Scanner
Cost 15,000₢
TL Availability 14
Long Range Scanner
Shows all items in system with bounty & distance - but not direction. Click on picture for more detail.
Jump Planner

See everything in your star system.


Once the equipment has been activated, it lists every single object in the star system, in order of distance. Note that the direction of each object is not given (although one of the options is to point your ship in the direction rather than move besides it)! If you want to see if there is a Generation ship or a Thargoid around, this will tell you! It also gives the bounty of each object, if applicable.

Telescope does not have the unlimited range - or the unlimited number of items (200 maximum), but is rather more useful as it does give direction.

For notes on use of primable equipment such as this, see Priming Equipment

Long Range Scanner only works during flight and it is activated by an F6-F6-F5 key combination.

The key combination displays the menu. You can

  • get a list of all objects (running to many pages - note that you can only scroll forwards, not backwards),
  • jump to the orbital station or
  • jump to an object on the list.

The jump brings you to 10km of the chosen object.

Jump Planner

If you have bought Jump Planner (another equipment item included in newer versions of this OXP), select a distant system from galactic chart and then press F5. Long range scanner will have an option to Display Target System Info and it will give additional options which are interesting.

Cost: 150,000₢ (purchasable anywhere once you already own long Range Scanner)

Warning: On exit, don't crash into the Long-range Cobra which opened the wormholes for you!

Download & Installation

This is an OXP, not an OXZ: download from here. Unzip the file, and then move the folder "LongRangeScanner.oxp" to the AddOns directory of your Oolite installation. Then start the game up and the equipment should be added. See OXP for more details if needed.


  • Licence: Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike 2.0
  • Author: Okti


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


See everything in the entire star system. And get there instantaneously. "Cheating" for players. Invaluable for OXP designers & testers!