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This category contains documentation for OXPs.

It is particularly relevant for those wishing to utilise one OXP from within another OXP.

API: Application programming interface


The following OXPs are currently included:

  • BGS / BackGround System
BGS v.1 was clobbered by changes in Oolite v.1.80/1.82 (eg to the BGS-X mapping system)
  • CCL / Cabal Common Library
now replaced by Library OXP
The Friend or Foe system will allow groups of ships to work as a team independently without being setup as escorts. There is no concept of a leader or escorts/wingmen in this system. Each ship has complete autonomy and can call on help from any other team member. Each ship keeps track of who has attacked them and will ignore stray shots, ie friendly fire. Also if an attacker disappears off the scanner and later comes back the team will remember them and restart the attack run.
  • GNN / Galactic News Network
use of the GNN phrase generator seems undocumented. But see the CCL pages below.
now replaced by Library OXP
only partially documented.
Missing documentation may be reconstructable through the CCL pages
partially clobbered by changes in Oolite v.1.82
now replaced by Library OXP
now replaced by Library OXP
currently only used for Telescope v.2 but capable of much, much more