Friend or Foe/AI sendScriptMessage functions

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This is a list of all sendScriptMessage functions that can be used with the AI of a ship.


In standard Oolite, escorts will be unlinked from the mothership and assigned a standard docking AI. This will alter the docking AI to the Friend or Foe OXP aware docking AI for the ex-escorts of the calling ship after a dockEscorts AI command has been issued. Send the message before dockEscorts is called.


 "AEGIS_IN_DOCKING_RANGE" = ("sendScriptMessage: $fof_alterDockEscorts", dockEscorts);


Checks the current target of the calling ship to make sure it is still valid.


 UPDATE = ("pauseAI: 10.0", "sendScriptMessage: $fof_checkTargetIsValid");

TARGET_LOST is returned to the calling ship AI if the current target is lost or becomes invalid.


This does something similar to a mix between the deployEscorts and groupAttackTarget AI commands.


 "MISSILE_INCOMING" = (setTargetToPrimaryAggressor, "sendScriptMessage: $fof_performAttackTarget");

FOF_ATTACK_TARGET is returned to the calling ship AI. A selection of ships in the same group as the calling ship will have their target set to the current target and their AI will also receive FOF_ATTACK_TARGET.


Scan for current ships or players from the past that have attacked the calling ship. Also scan for potential attackers.


 UPDATE = ("pauseAI: 10.0", "sendScriptMessage: $fof_scanForAttackers");

Reacts with an ATTACKERS_FOUND AI message if there are attackers near the calling ship. Otherwise ATTACKERS_NOT_FOUND is returned to the calling ship AI.


Scan for cascade weapons near the calling ship. This will allow versions of Oolite older than v1.77 to react to cascade weapons.


 UPDATE = ("pauseAI: 10.0", "sendScriptMessage: $fof_scanForCascadeWeapon");

Reacts with a CASCADE_WEAPON_FOUND AI message rather than CASCADE_WEAPON_DETECTED which is used by Oolite v1.77 and newer.