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Any world script registered as providing trade floor personalities for New Cargoes through registerPersonality must contain all of these functions.

Look at the Scripts/cargotypefetch.js script of the New Cargoes OXP for a simple example.

Trade floor functions


String traderDesc()

Returns a basic introduction and greeting for the trader, to be shown on New Cargoes trade floor screen before the player starts dealing with them. The player will get the option to either talk to the trader (which starts runOffer) or move on to another person on the trade floor.


bool traderHere(PrimaryRole? srole)

Return true if the trader is at the specified station (srole will be blank for main stations, and the primary role otherwise), and false otherwise.


String traderName()

Return the name and title of the trader. e.g. "Vela Smithson, bounty hunter". Should be kept relatively short, and shouldn't change unless the trader's identity does.


void runOffer()

This function is called when New Cargoes hands control of the mission screen to this script. This function should call whatever functions are necessary (including at least one mission.runScreen) to talk the player through any deals they might accept or reject, change the player's hold contents or cash levels, and so on.

Unless the result of talking to the trader means that the player is immediately launched from the station, or temporarily incapacitated (e.g. by arrest), then when the player's dealings with the trader are over, you should call worldScripts["CargoTypeExtension"].tradeFloor();.

Information functions


String describeContracts()

If the player has any active contracts with the personalities in this world script, this function should return a string describing them. The description should be less than 80 characters per contract, and each contract should be described on a separate line. The final contract should end in a new line "\n" as well.

If there are no active contracts, return the empty string (no new line).

Use of this is generally preferred to describing the contracts with mission information on the F5 F5 screen.


String? traderGossip()

If you wish there to be gossip in the trader bars of this system about the individuals defined by this script, return it here. Gossip should be at most 80 characters in length, and start with the string "* ".

Otherwise return false.