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Snoopers introduces the Galactic News Network with 4 news agencies. It can be used by other OXPs to implement own newsflashes easily and the passed news can be shown directly or by the time based mechanism in Snoopers and a callback after displaying can be used.

Missionscreens in snoopers.js are using the screenID Added in v2.5



OXPC - Marked properties can be configured via OXPConfig.


Boolean. Switches extended logging on/off. Default is false. OXPC


Boolean. Switches audio for internal news on/off. Default is true. OXPC


Boolean. Switches full mode for internal news on/off. Default is true. OXPC


Integer. Chance for newsflashes. Default is 0x3 (#3). OXPC


Integer. Max days between newsflashes. Default is 0x19 (#25). OXPC


Integer. Brightness for displayed model. Default is 0x4 (#4). This will only affect shadered models which support it. Uses the fuel property. OXPC



worldScripts.snoopers.insertNews( obj )
Native 0.000081s
Extension 0.000017s
JS 0.000337s

Handles incoming messages from other OXPs worldScripts. If .Direct is not used Snoopers stores up to 10 messages and 20 CRCs and all checks are passed (e.g. only 1 news per worldScript is allowed). .Direct news are displayed immediately and won't be stored. Make sure that the object is extensible and not sealed or frozen.




Number. Errorcode.

The passed object can hold a couple of properties:

String. Required. Name of the calling worldScript. Snoopers stores a checksum (CRC) to scatter the messages on every start and inbetween if .Direct is not used.
String/Key. Required. Message can be a string or keynames (descriptions.plist or missiontext.plist), mixtures allowed, max 700 chars, min 10 chars.
Number. Defines 1-GNN, 2-Rooters, 3-Snoopers. If used Snoopers disables custom pics and models and uses internal ones.
Number. 1 highest (and bypasses CRC check), used to sort the inserted news on next docking. Default 3.
String. Overlay image, use tranparent areas if model should be used. Fileextension is required. If .Agency and .Pic not declared default setting choosen.
String. Music for Newsflash. Fileextension is required. If not declared, default setting choosen.
String. Role for Model. Starting with v2.3 it can be any NPC role.
Array. 3 valid numbers. Adjusted on screen aspect ratios. If not defined Snoopers bases it on entity.position.z.
Number/Array. Orientation of Model. If number: 1=[1,0,0,0], 2=[1,0,0,1], 4=[0,0,1,0], 8=[1,1,0,0]. Default 8. Otherwise Array with 4 valid numbers.
Boolean. Resend callback in case other OXPs have overridden Snoopers screen and Replay gets activated.
Boolean. Display message directly without storing, CRC or other buffer checks. Requires the player to be docked.
Array. Uses Cabal_Common_Briefing capture option. The array must contain only the .briefing part. Ignored if .Direct is not used.

A simple example

 worldScripts.snoopers.insertNews({ ID: , Message: "Hello world!" });


After displaying this message Snoopers tries to callback and passes the first 20 chars of the message.

worldScripts[obj.ID].newsDisplayed( obj.Message.substr(0,20) );


Snoopers usually doesn't do anything on other stations than the main station and stations with NPC traffic (except with .Direct messages). A script_info key can change this behaviour.


Boolean. Enables Snoopers for this station.
script_info = { snoopersNews = true; };


Snoopers returns a errorcode to inserting scripts.

Code Meaning
-5 Snoopers buffer is full (max 10 news)
-4 No free storing slot available
-3 CRC buffer is full
-2 CRC is still active
-1 Caller already sent a message (1 news per worldScript)
0 Success
1 Required properties not found (ID and Message)
2 Unknown properties passed
3 To few or too much passed properties (at least 2)
4 Request from invalid caller (no worldScript)
5 Property 'Message' not a string (wrong type)
6 Property 'Message' too short or too long (expected >10 and <700 chars)
7 Property 'Message' starts with whitespace (\\f \\t \\r \\n or space). Removed in v2.4. Snoopers will trim the string.
8 Property 'Message' - Sent message not expandable.
9 Property 'Message' - Number of opening brackets doesn't match number of closing brackets. Removed in v2.4.
10 Property 'Message' - Expanded key (descriptions.plist) too long (limit 700 chars). Removed in v2.4.
11 Property 'Message' - Expanded key (missiontext.plist) too long (limit 700 chars). Removed in v2.4.
12 Property 'Message' - Expanded Message too long
13 Property 'Message' - Word with overlength detected (limit 79 chars)
14 Property 'Message' - To many linebreaks (limit 10)
15 Property 'Agency' - not valid (expected number in range 1 - 3)
16 Property 'Priority' - not valid (expected number in range 1 - 3)
17 Property 'Pic' - wrong type (expected string)
18 Property 'Pic' - not a valid fileextension
19 Property 'Music' - wrong type (expected string)
20 Property 'Music' not a valid fileextension
21 Property 'Model' - wrong type (expected string)
22 Property 'Pos' - wrong type (expected array)
23 Property 'Pos' - wrong number of arguments (expected 3 numbers)
24 Property 'Pos' - contains NaN
25 Property 'Ori' - wrong type (expected number or array)
26 Property 'Ori' - not valid (expected 1, 2, 4 or 8)
27 Snoopers was shutdown. Requirements not fullfilled
28 Player not valid anymore
29 Player not docked while trying to display a direct mission screen
30 Attempt to override a missionscreen blocked