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The commodities available for trade by CorCom Trade System. Prices and availability are determined by the trade-goods.plist file and the planet-economy.

Food Simple organic products. Not per-se edible by humans but it usually is.
Rumour has it, that Soylent green is made of people, which is of course ridiculous.
Everyone knows people wear clothes.
5.0 TC
Textiles Unprocessed fabrics. Insectoid races commonly have great skill in harvesting and weaving natural fibres. 7.2 TC
Radioactives Ores and by-products of quantum-chemical processes.
Some systems require traders to have special permit, request info and collect the proper papers in advance.
23.2 TC
Slaves As the most ubiquitous spacefaring species humans prefer humanoids as slaves.
Various other races also put a premium upon humanoids, but these would rather have human slaves.
15.2 TC
Liquor/Wines Exotic spirits from unearthly flora.
Intoxicating nectars and fermented alien cordial
29.2 TC
Luxuries Perfumes, spices, coffee. Mass-produced consumer goods. 90.2 TC
Narcotics Mild hallucinogens, trumbles, tobacco, Arcturian Megaweed.
Illegal in many systems, wanted in most.
51.0 TC
Computers Intelligent machinery, positronic AI's, NavCon electronics. 81.8 TC
Machinery Heavy factory and farm equipment, hyperdrive engines. 56.6 TC
Alloys Industrial metals. Quite often heavy-plastics and ceramics are sold under the misnomer Alloys. 38.8 TC
Firearms Small-scale artillery, sidearms, etc.
Anything that makes holes and a lot of noise... by the tonne load.
Illegal to transport unless protected by special Navy or Gal-Cop permit.
69.2 TC
Furs Includes leathers and Reticulated Tipi pelts. 70.46 TC
Minerals Unrefined mineral ores, with trace elements of useful metals. 12.0 kg
Gold Sold in kilogramme ingots on the small market. 38.8 kg
Platinum Sold per kilogramme. 71.8 kg
Gem-Stones Includes jewelry and Ixidian Wompa eyes. Sold per gramme. 19.6 g
Alien Items Artifacts, unknown alien species, weapons, technology. Antiques. 43.6 TC

In Oolite, these average values can be changed by .oxp's


It has been claimed by some that trade in narcotics and other illegal substances will not earn you the most cash: stick with Computers and liquors instead. This only holds true if you calculate this for average cargo values, a true trader knows when to buy at a low price and where to sell it again at a large profit.
Don't always buy Narcotics, only when it is sold at less than 25₢ per TC and sell at a poor planet at no less than 90₢ per TC. Also don't buy illegal goods unless you can fill the entire hold with it. No use taking the risk of GalCop aggression for only one measly tonne of tobacco.

OXP commodities

The following commodities are added by OXPs: