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One of Griff's cargo containers

A commodity found on the F8 markets screen.

Unprocessed fabrics. Insectoid races commonly have great skill in harvesting and weaving natural fibres.

Traded in TCs & stored in the Cargo Hold for trade.

Cheap on agricultural worlds, and (relatively) more expensive at industrial worlds: an inexpensive product.

New Cargoes OXP

New Cargoes is an OXP which allows trade specifically in such items as air gossamer and Vargorn mind-silk.

The major specific variants of the textile commodity are

Air gossamer: Produced by the mysterious airborne plants of Larais, this thread generally needs weaving into fabric before it can be used in clothing.
Pink cotton: A generic name for a variety of durable general purpose plant fabrics, most of which are in fact pink.
Tree ant silk: The 'silk' produced by tree ants is a strong polymer based on compounds found in the bark and leaves of the trees. It is always in short supply at the chart's preeminent outfitters.
Tulip petal weave: A fabric produced by layering preserved tulip petals and a thin thread of another material, to produce a scale effect. Popular among the reptilian species for its scale-matching properties.
Vargorn mind-silk: An unusual fabric, believed by some to be able to reduce stress in its wearer. Whether this effect is real, and if so, which species benefit from it, has yet to be ascertained.
Weed hemp: The production of Megaweed provides this strong fabric, often incorporated into light body armour. As a result, attempts to ban the production, as opposed to the export, of Megaweed itself have never really got anywhere.
Woven fabrics: Their six-limbed structure and compound vision gives insectoids the ideal anatomy for weaving fabrics.
Yak wool: A somewhat rough but extremely warm material, often used for cloaks and bedding. The Oninran variety is particularly prized.