Guide to Economics OXPs

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Economics OXP comparisons

Risk-based Economy New Cargoes Risky Business SW Economy Real-Life Economics Demand Driven Economy
Author Cim Cim Phkb Stranger Phasted Redspear
Functionability v.1.81+ needs updating v.1.81+ v.1.82+ needs fixing v.1.79+
Redefines systems economically No No No Yes Yes No
Adds new commodities No Yes No Yes No No
Breaks away from Furs/Computers as most profitable trades No Yes Yes No No Yes
Piracy (government type) affects prices Yes No Yes No? No No
Hub connectedness affects prices Yes No No No Yes No
Economy size affects prices/quantities No No No Yes No Yes
Planet geography affects prices/quantities No No No Yes No No
Prices/Quantities vary dynamically No No No No Price only No

Note: this table currently excludes Phkb's Smugglers. It too has a major affect on trade and economics, but is not directly comparable with the above, since it works on prohibiting trade (thus encouraging smuggling and a black market) which then impacts massively on pricing.

This table also ignores some brilliant oxp's which introduce a focus on just one aspect of economics.