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Adds black markets to most Rock Hermits and some other stations.


When docked at most non-GalCop stations (Rock Hermits, predominantly), and even GalCop stations in some systems, you will find a new interface screen called "Black Market". This interface provides access to a number of options:
a. Noticeboard: View some of the messages from the black market news boards. Some are good, some aren't. You might even learn about some tasty abandoned cargo!
b. Smuggling contracts: These contracts will be smaller cargo quantities (less than 20t), and they will all be illegal at the destination system, so there will be a high degree of risk with each one. However, the rewards will be substantial, more than double what the cargo would be worth at the destination. (Smugglers OXP required)
c. Purchase fake import permits: You can purchase fake import permits that may or may not work at the destination system. The chance is only a slightly better than 50%. (Smugglers OXP required)
d. Purchase Rock Hermit waypoints: Finding Rock Hermits is important, as they are the primary location to access the Black Market. Waypoints can help you find a Rock Hermit in a given system.
e. Purchase phase scan settings: Not always available but occasionally a trader will offer their settings for a price. (Smugglers OXP required)
f. Sell phase scan settings: If you have discovered a phase scan setting, you can sell it for some real coin! This will only be available once you have purchased a phase scanner. (Smugglers OXP required)
g. Sell restricted equipment: If you've come into possession of some military grade equipment, you can potentially find a buyer on the black market.

Please be aware that GalCop have been known to run sting operations at some Black Markets. If you are caught buying illegal information or goods through a Black Market while a sting operation is in place, you will be penalised.

3rd Party Access To Black Market

It's possible for other OXP's to add items to be sold on the Black Market. You can add your item using the following method:

   var sbm = worldScripts.Smugglers_BlackMarket;
   if (sbm) {
           key:"my_key_value",		            // reference to be passed back to your worldscript when the item is sold, so you can know which item it was
           text:"A very exclusive item",       // text to display on the sale screen
           cost:1000,				            // the base cost of the item. a system factor will be applied to this value, either increasing or decreasing it
           worldScript:"my_worldscript_name",  // the name of your worldscript
           sellCallback:"$my_functionname",    // the name of the function to be called in the item is sold
   this.$my_functionname = function(key, price) {
       // this is the function that will be called. the key name and the price are two parameters of the function
       // you can now do any additional functions that need to be done (eg removing special equipment or cargo)

Items added to the Black Market will stay there until the next witchspace jump. If you want to remove the item manually, you can use this function:

   var sbm = worldScripts.Smugglers_BlackMarket;
   if (sbm) {

You can also remove all sale items for your worldScript with this function:

   var sbm = worldScripts.Smugglers_BlackMarket;
   if (sbm) {

Developer Note

This OXP used to reside inside the Smugglers OXP, and so a lot of the code and descriptions are related to that OXP. However, I had the need of a Black Market for another project, and rather than force players to install Smugglers (which has a big impact on gameplay), I split out the functionality into a separate pack.


Download BlackMarket_1.2.oxz


This OXP is released under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non-Commercial - Share Alike 3.0 license. To view a copy of this license, visit

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Version History


  • Added missing noticeboard items to descriptions.plist.
  • Small code improvements.


  • Fixed issue that was displaying "You have a waypoint to a Rock Hermit in this system" on th F7 page for every system.


  • Initial release

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