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Life in space is not easy. It doesn't matter what your occupation is - sooner or later, someone will shoot at you (or you will shoot at someone else). Blundering headlong into a dangerous situation without preparation is a certain way to end up dead, or at the very least, as petfood in orbit around Isveve.

Tactics for the beginning player

There are two main options available at the start of the game:

  1. Avoid combat. Your Cobra Mk III will not survive any significant attack without upgrades, and you don't have enough cash to buy those. Stick to planets with stable governments and turn away from other ships as soon as they're on radar.
  2. Trade in your ship for a smaller less expensive one and spend the leftover cash on vital Oolite Equipment like a better laser and witch fuel injectors.

Usage of specific weapons and equipment

Combat and combat avoidance

  • Dealing with piracy - Use your witch fuel injectors; you do have those, don't you?
  • Dealing with Thargoids - Target the motherships and use your bombs after the Thargons drop.
  • Dogfight Tactics - (1) Use your high-precision gaming joystick. You do have one, don't you? If not, get one - the precision of a good quality joystick could mean the difference between victory and becoming space debris. Also, press [2] or [F2] to go to the game menu and select "Joystick Setup" then designate a button for toggling precision movement. This will not only be a great help in combat but will also make your life a lot easier during manual docking (at least until you get a docking computer). (2) Some of the ships you'll encounter will probably be more agile than yours, especially if you're stuck with the Mk III. One way to counter this is by actually SLOWING DOWN; you'll find it's a lot easier to track your target that way, rather than attempting to match your quarry maneuver-for-maneuver. Just save the throttle for those occasions when the target takes a straighter flight path.

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