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This OXP adds 2 pieces of equipment that work well together but otherwise have no dependancies on each other. The equipment in this package is also compatible with the forthcoming ShieldCycler.oxp and both oxps may be in the addons folder with no conflict. This OXP authored by CommonSenseOTB feb.17, 2011.

Basic Overview

The first piece of equipment is the Shield Equalizer. As the name suggests it equalizes the shields by transferring energy from high to low shield. This is completely AUTOMATIC and prevents pilot distraction during combat conditions. The noise emitted has the added benefit of alerting the pilot when this occurs. The second piece of equipment is the Shield Capacitor. Both forward and aft capacitors may be installed. A charging cycle is initiated when the shield is full. Waste shield energy is stored in the capacitor until the shield drops lower than the energy level of the capacitor. At this point a discharge is initiated as there is space for the energy to flow into. The charge/discharge cycle is completely AUTOMATIC and prevents pilot distraction. A loud noise similar to a high voltage short circuit can be heard when the discharge occurs. As well a countdown timer/alarm alerts the pilot to the status of capacitor charging. Both of these features keep the pilot aware of the charge/discharge cycle with no need of gauges or displays, again preventing distraction.

Additional Features

Due to the robust(over-engineered) construction of the Shield Equalizer and the use of heavy duty cross-connected shield power transfer couplings, there is less chance of damage generally to all installed shield system components. However, there is a small chance of minor feedback damage if a capacitor is damaged/destroyed without a Shield Equalizer being available to dampen/redirect the energy flow.

Equipment Details

Shield Equalizer

  • Tech Level - 14.
  • Cost - 75,000 credits.
  • Required Equipment - none.

Shield Capacitors

  • Tech Level - 14.
  • Cost - 18,750 credits(each).
  • Required Equipment - none.

OXP Requirements

  • Oolite 1.75.1
  • No external dependancies

Download Information

ShieldEqualizer+Capacitorsv1.3 by CommonSenseOTB.

Download in OXZ format here for Oolite 1.79 or later (downloaded 5539 times).

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