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Who is who

Cmdr.Svengali was born at a practically forgotten world at the outer rim of Galaxy 3 and absolved his flight training in a pimped Adder, build of spare parts and combined with more tape than anything else. After a few restless years he settled with a standard Cobra, cruising the eight.

GalCop has an eye on him, but it seems that his usual business of trading in narcotics and slaves and occasional acts of piracy are not enough to get him on the list of the most wanted fugitives. All in all a lightminded and rotten soul.

From the last interrogation protocoll, Soamaxe.

O: 'You say you didn't know about the legality of trading in Dephrac Crystals?'
S: 'No, Sir. And how should I? These crystals were available, so I bought them. Nobody asked me for a license.'
O: 'These crystals are highly unstable and are a controlled good for hundreds of decades. Everybody knows it.'
S: 'Not me, Sir. And I also don't know that this chip is 1000 Credits worth...'
_End of protocoll

He's known to be friendly to cats though .-)

The only thing Cmdr.Svengali is really worried about, it seems, is the growing number of clashes and cheats out there.

    "personalities-svengali" = {
        bounty = 150; 
        name = "Skarface Svengali"; 
        "random_seed" = "0 0 0 0 0 0"; 
        "short_description" = "a rotten, drugdealing, freelancing, dishonoured Ex-Navy-Major"; 

In color

Schnickschnack for everybody

Collection of OXPs made by Svengali, some of them together with other members of the BulletinBoard.

  • Library - a collection of snippets and helpers. Replaces CCL, OXPConfig and Hyperradio.
Library-based Demos: Install like any other OXP.
Library-based Tools: Install like any other OXP.

Brilliant - but now broken

  • Vector - an allegedly brilliant mission which no longer works with newer versions of Oolite. Innovative and with unique elements.
  • Cutscene - for adding videos to missions (only works with old versions of CCL which only work with old versions of Oolite!)
  • BGS-XMapping - for adding interactive maps to the F6 screen (only works with old versions of BGS which only work with old versions of Oolite!)

The current development versions can be found -> Github.

For developers

BGS and GNN got a function to return usage info. Specially bigger scripts are unhandy and often enough it is not clear what you can or should use. The other AddOns may follow. Just use the console to get you started, eg.


Holds various entries for customization via other AddOns.

Additionally BGS uses some script_info keys.

For stations:
bgs_tunnel_off: Bool. Disables the docking effect.
bgs_tunnel_texture: String. Texture for docking effect.
bgs_tunnel_tint: Array. Color for lines in docking effect.
bgs_tunnel_shape: Number. Shape of docking effect.

For player ships:
bgs_engineAmbi: String. Sound for the engine.
bgs_engineDown. String. Sound for decelerating.
bgs_engineUp. String. Sound for accelerating.

Everything else is either user-setting and configurable via Lib_Config or subject to change anytime.
chat: Array. Holds filenames for aegis chatter.
engineAmbi: String. Ambient sound while engine is running.
engineDown: String. Sound for decelerating.
engineUp: String. Sound for accelerating.
witch: Array. Countdown sounds starting with zero.
witchCNT: Number. Start countdown at +1.
witchG: String. Sound for galactic jump.
witchH: String. Sound for standard jump.

A number of older versions of the above Library extras also exist for CCL

If you have a problem with one of them, please drop me a note at the Bulletin Board.

OXP Todos

  • Add _Help() function to other AddOns.
  • Vector
- Rebuild it.
  • Start diving in shader performance thingummies (instructions, registers, ALU and throughput)

Wiki stuff

Have a nice one.

R.I.P. Commander Svengali (2021)