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Updating OXPs can be time intensive and after taking a look in some older OXPs I've decided to write a WYSIWYG tool to speed up that process. It works directly in the game and materials settings can be applied easily. It is meant for OXPers and has no general use for playing Oolite.

The tool writes the settings to Latest.log in a way Oolites parser expects them, so simply copy this to your shipdata.plist.

Default values are not logged.

The MatFinder supports only one texture per .dat file, but this may change.


  • Do your usual preparations (Model, UV-Map).
  • Create up to 5 maps to test different things.
  • Open shipdata.plist and place your model.
 model = "example_grass_snake.dat";
  • Open script.js and set the mainTex (the one which is used in the .dat file) at line 17.
  • Change the tex array to place your maps at line 19.
  • Start Oolite with the Shift key held down and have fun.

For the shipped example (based on 8-bit Apocalypse's Grass Snake), you could try the following settings:

  • diffuse_color = (0.5,0.5,1,1);
  • diffuse_map = {"name"="grass_snake_bump.png";};
  • emission_map = {"name"="grass_snake_bump.png";"extract_channel"="r";};
  • specular_color = (0.5,0.5,0.5,1);
  • shininess = 100;

The original model has been rotated 180 degrees and a new UV-Map was created, then textured (ok, a bit in a hurry).


If you have found good looking settings, please think about memory usage and performance to keep Oolite enjoyable for all users.
More infos can be found on the Materials_in_Oolite page.




  • For the equivalent MatFinder for the newer Library OXP see MatFinder

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